1,500 Square Meters of Liziba Viewing Platform Opened for Trial Service

24th August 2018


As the Smart China Expo has made a hit all over the world, lots of visitors flowed to Chongqing for this fire-ever event. After visiting the Expo, maybe you should also go to the famous attraction of Liziba Metro station to get a spectacular view of 8D Chongqing.

The Liziba viewing platform has unveiled its mystery and was officially available to citizens as trial an opening.


Compared with previous one, the spacious and comfortable platform will provide a totally new experience to visitors who come here especially for the scene of “the subway getting through buildings”.

The total area is 1500 square meters, of which 840 designated for people to take photos and the rest are divided for passengers getting off from buses. Also there is a shooting square platform, a glass bridge viewing area and pedestrian passageway.


The "golden triangle" composition is a form of composition used in photography. The project was surveyed at the time of design and based on the principle of "golden triangle" photographic composition. Then the best shooting location was found - the shooting position and the track entrance forms a 33 ° angle.

The person in charge of the construction of the Liziba Viewing Platform said, the construction team is still undertaking the renovation and commission for the trial opening area. It is estimated the entire platform will be completed by the end of August. At the same time, supporting facilities such as management office and public toilets below the platform are being heated up built.










李子壩觀景平臺對外開放了,同時網友還溫馨提示: 觀景平臺外的玻璃目前還在封膠,所以小夥伴們暫時不要往邊上去哈。

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