3 New places in Chongqing to get your caffeine fix

9th October 2019


It's pretty likely that you already have your own favorite coffee shop in Chongqing. The one you always go to and don't even need to say what coffee you would like, because the barista knows that you're a fan of a triple shot Americano or a flat white with vegetarian milk uniformly steamed with beautiful latte art. A while ago ordering coffee like this would be a luxury in Chongqing but now more and more specialty coffee shops are opening and giving you an opportunity to enjoy a quality cup of coffee in most of the districts of this city.


IMP coffee
It's not my pleasure

Located in the central area of Jiefangbei, this store is very unique. Why? Because a world latte art bronze-medal winner co-owns and works at the café! His English name is Fan, has been mastering latte art for over 9 years and has definitely some special coffee latte art designs to show you. This place is a coffee shop and a training studio at the same time, so you might catch some baristas learning the art of coffee while you are enjoying one.

They also have specialty coffee beans available to order. The store has simple design and white interior and is a nice place for having a photo shoot or for reading. IMP stands for "It's not my pleasure" - a pretty funny name for a place where coffee artists work. You gotta go see that art!


Average price per person: 40 rmb.
Recommended drink: latte.
Address: 1F, Datong Rd 16, Jiefangbei
Getting there: take subway to Linjiangmen station exit B, walk for 10 minutes.

RANDB Oasis Café

Peaceful and quiet

Located right next to Ranjiaba subway station, this place will really surprise you! It looks like no other coffee shop in Chongqing and reminded us of a place you would normally find somewhere on the seaside while strolling down the beach.

This venue is simple: spacious, with white walls, minimal furniture, bright sofas and paintings on the wall. There are high windows here that are located on the first floor, and there’s an outside terrace where you can sit on a sunny day and enjoy your time while watching people playing table tennis and mahjong. The café has quite a long name and a cute logo of a giant man diving in the water symbolizes summer time when you just want to take it slow and dive into your cup of coffee!


Average price per person: 30 rmb.
Recommended drink: flat white with "Oatly" milk. There's no latte art on the milk foam, but it tastes great and has a sweet, uniform flavor.
Address:Getting there: take subway to Ranjiaba station exit 5, walk for 5 minutes.

Slim punkin

A cat & a dog

Located in Yubei in the creative center called "I cool", this coffee shop has been there for a little while already. It's run by a Chinese couple who are huge fans of good coffee, great cakes and dogs.

The lady, whose name is Zhizhi makes absolutely stunning cakes - ones you won't be able to say no to even if you are on a strict diet. The store offers a variety of desserts for any picky coffee lover. Zhizhi's husband at the counter makes good espresso drinks and pours lattes for you to enjoy with those exquisite desserts.

This cafe is quite small and has a lot of dry flower bouquets inside, with candles on the shelves, antique lamps and pumpkins, and gives you the feeling that autumn has arrived and it's time for a cozy evening with your loved ones. The main attraction of this store - besides cakes and coffee - is a dog named Punkin. He's unbelievably smart, well-behaved and beautiful. Come here and meet him personally.


Average price per person: 38rmb
Recommend drink: pumpkin cheesecake and cup of cappuccino.
Address: 1F, I Cool, Building 3, Yubei
Getting here: take subway to Jinyu station exit 2, walk for 15 minutes.

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