5 Best milk tea shops in Chongqing

23 Sep 2019


Everywhere you go, you're guaranteed to find a milk tea place - the craze for this refreshment/dessert drink has been ongoing for over a decade now. Since the milk tea rage is far from over, we've listed the best milk tea shops in town!



Perfect for grabbing a milk tea to go, KOI is fast, delicious, and convenient. Most shops have a computer interface that you can use to order English drink names. Added bonus is the ability to customize your drink for those who want less sugar.


Price: 20rmb
Location: in most of big shopping malls

The Alley

The Alley is a milk tea place with a beautiful aesthetic and delicious brown sugar bubble tea that looks as good as it tastes. An added bonus is that the "fad" is over, so it usually isn't as busy as some of the others.

鹿店内装潢设计很漂亮,曾经一时火爆全城, 不过现在没那么多人了,一般不用排队。推荐黑糖鹿丸鲜奶。

Price: 23rmb

Location: Mix City LG147, Xiejiawan Main St 55, Jiulongpo / Longhu Paradise Walk A L1-12B, Changjiang Road 174, Daping, Yuzhong / Wanda Plaza L1-1016/1017, Jiangnan Avenue 8, Nan'an




The cheapest and most customizable option, 1DD has grown fast in CQ, with new shops opening up everywhere. Usually with long lines. Go here if you want to make your drink your own, as you can pick how much ice, sugar, flavor and what you want inside.


Price: 14rmb
Location: in most of big shopping malls


CoCo is going through an identity change from cheap, quick stop milk tea to a more upscale brand with bigger stores and a more "luxury" atmosphere. A staple in the milk tea game for a while, CoCo still serves up delicious drinks, but now has more variety and adds coffee to the mix of flavors.


Price: 14rmb
Location: in most of shopping malls or streets


The most expensive for good reason, this is the luxury brand of milk tea shops. The atmosphere is geared towards a younger, more hip crowd and everywhere is perfect for a shot for your WeChat moments. The seasonal peach drinks (shown here) are delicious, as is their ice cream. The perfect place to go to get away from the Chongqing summer heat and show your friends you are cool.


Price: 28rmb
Location: in most of big shopping malls

Jared Simpson

"Since coming to China milk tea has been a favorite drink of mine. My first time tasting this delightful mixture was of course in Hong Kong, and traditional Hong Kong milk tea is still my favorite. The game has evolved a lot in recent years however, with many other brands taking over and introducing a much sweeter and aesthetically pleasing variant on this traditional delight. My favorite of these five is The Alley, but you really can't go wrong with any of them. Especially with the Chongqing summer heat upon us. If you see one of these shops around, grab a friend, try something new, and enjoy your day!"


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