[Face to Face] Design Is One, A Visual Art Journey

9th October 2019


Here we are very honoured to have the opportunity to speak with two famous Chinese artists: Sun Chu, the visual artist and design director of VISION MAGAZINE; and Yin Jiulong, designer and visual artist.

本期Face to Face,我们有机会采访到中国两位著名的艺术家,一位是“收放自如”的《VISION青年视觉》杂志设计总监孙初先生,一位是“锐气十足”的设计师创作人及视觉艺术家殷九龙先生。

Interview with Sun Chu/Yin Jiulong


设计师、艺术家、《VISION 青年视觉》设计总监

Sun Chu | Designer, Visual Artist, Design Director of VISION MAGAZINE

"Design is my career, and art is my passion."
- Sun Chu

Both artists seem to have close ties with the city of Chongqing. Born in Gaomi, Shandong, Sun Chu married a Chongqing girl; he is now a contemporary Chinese ink wash painter and a successful graphic designer.


Over the years he has always been dedicated to art and design.


"Use a few elements to make the most accurate expression."


"When it comes to design, less is more. It is enough to use just a few elements to make accurate expressions. For example, this poster (refer to the picture below), with a large space highlights the small size of the person, and his heart has a much bigger world. This is what I like now."


Sun Chu's poster works 孙初的海报作品

At the same time, he also works on contemporary Chinese ink wash painting. Recently he has introduced the concept of visual art into ink painting and video experiments. Some of the practical means of practice and the experience of image communication are applied to the painting.


"Men and animals live in the same world. Consider that the monkey is the closest animal to humans, so I use them to express people."


His innovation, his chaotic sequence, his free mind and his detachment from reality gives us a new understanding of ink wash painting.


Yin Jiulong is an artist who has the same taste in art production as Sun Chu.



设计师创作人,视觉艺术家,Artlavie 创始人、艺术总监

Yin Jiulong | Designer, Visual Artist Initiator, Art Supervisor of Artlavie

Yin Jiulong was born in Sichuan and that's why he has always considered Chongqing his second hometown.


As a close friend of Yin Jiulong, Sun Chu said he has "sharp" characteristics; he dares to say no and to speak the truth.


It has been over 20 years since Yin Jiulong started his career in design back in 1997, and has worked on more than 500 works of art, during which time he participated in multiple domestic and international events in art and design and has provided image designs for various international cultural and art institutions.


In recent years, he has started shifting his direction from graphic design to space design and building products, in an attempt to break the boundaries between art, design and life. He said "art is spiritual, and design is more connected with life. What I do is to bring art back to life."


Everything including porcelain he creates in a new way will give you a different understanding of traditional Chinese culture.


His products are not only popular among the young people, but even the Queen of the Netherlands has a collection of his porcelain product.


"I will always make obstacles and problems for myself, just like cross hurdles."


"I am never satisfied with what I am currently doing, I always hope to release more potential, and discover myself from many new aspects. Art design is more than just on paper: it could be three-dimensional, and could be even more diverse. Now I’m working on ceramics, folk crafts, sculptures and many other aspects."


"If someone was to ask what the best piece of art work to exist so far is, I would say it has not been created yet, because I believe that the next one would be the best."


"Life itself is inspiration, it's from a broom, a cup, or a book."


"I have my rules. I have been working on designing for so many years but I have not participated in any competitions. You can’t judge me!"


Brightness and darkness are both a part of life. Nobody is in exception.


"If you want to know more about China, you should go to the art museums. It's like a mirror, which reflects the culture of China."


The collision and coexistence of old and new cultures has created the uniqueness of this mountain city. What is the city like in the artists' view?


Design is One Art Exhibition

Welcome to anyone who is a fan of exhibitions, art and design. The exhibition will last until October 14th and will be open for free.




The exhibition hall has two floors. The first floor mainly displays representative works of Sun Chu and Yin Jiulong. Among them, Sun Chu’s work is mainly based on the design of VISION magazine and ink wash painting, and which Yin Jiulong based on illustrations and ceramic works.


On the second floor, you will see their artworks related to Chongqing. They said "we don’t photograph the modern city. It’s more likely we will focus on the old streets, local food, and local life.

来到二层,则是重庆观众们更感兴趣的作品 - 你会看到两位不仅仅是设计师,更是艺术家,他们在重庆在地创作了多件和山城有关的作品。包括两位艺术家的拍摄作品:他们来到山城,但不再着眼于繁华的都市,而是贴近市景、居民、 菜场、生活,更深入的挖掘不被常人所关注的重庆。

Yuan Museum x Niccolo Lecture

Design Is One Dialogue Salon

Time | 2019.10.10 19:00-21:00

Location | Yinyuan auditorium, 61st floor, Niccolo Chongqing
Guest | Sun Chu/Yin Jiulong/Yan Jiaxu/Yu Zhilei
Fee | Free
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Dongyuan 1891, Nanbin Road, Nan'an
Design Is One, A Visual Art Journey

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