Another enchanting place after the night falls in Chongqing

08 Aug 2019


Chongqing is always fascinating after night falls.


Lights shining high above the sky


Enchanting rhythm


A glass of wine and darkened night


Another night in Bar 62,Irina started singing again.


"Get enchanted"
Bar 62 New Singer on Stage Now


About the singer


Irina Moon has been attracted to jazz pop since she was young. The singer's journey began in 2009 with the "new wave" singing contest in Latvia, where she grew up as a professional singer delighting different audiences. 2013 was the year she became international, travelling and performing in Europe and gaining the respect from specialized music connoisseurs. Due to her success, she has performed in several other countries including Russia.

Irina Moon自年少起便被Jazz pop所吸引。她的歌手旅程从2009年在拉脱维亚的“new wave”歌唱比赛开始,通过这场比赛,她成为了一名专业歌手。2013年,是她走向国际的一年。在欧洲旅行和表演的她,赢得了音乐行业的认可。之后她又去到了俄罗斯在内的几个国家演出。

Irina, a girl who is very easy going and attractive - just like the people in Chongqing. 不知是不是被这座城市的魅力所感染,第一次见到Irina, 就感受到了她的热情和开朗。

"This is the first time I've been to Chongqing, and this is a very interesting place, I read on the internet that this is one of the biggest cities in the world with a lot of people, places, and… hmmm Chongqing hotpot…🌶🌶 I like spicy food, especially the local food here but if I try to eat, maybe..."

If you want to be a "hottie", Chongqing hotpot helps.

She's been here for more than half a month and has visited a few places, and she's totally fallen in love with this city which has always been compared with Hong Kong.


After 10 years on her music journey she found her destination in Bar 62, Chongqing, China.


Bar 62 - a place to go after sunset
Bar 62,一个重庆人夜生活的聚集地

"I've heard about this bar before, and many people say it's a good place. I checked the videos and photos online; it has good atmosphere, very cozy especially with the nice view, which is so different from the other bars. Anyway this is my chance to come and perform here."

A good song brings a good mood

In her excellent performance, you can enjoy a variety of songs in the genre of jazz, lounge and dance music.


And she sings Chinese song as well.


"People come here to take selfies and photos of the view, drink cocktails and relax. Also I try joking with them, and talk with guests - they like it. And if you sing some popular Chinese songs they will be very impressed and sing along, and drink with you."

Interview with Irina

Sip your wine, touch the sky

What's your cocktail? Tell the Italian bartender Edoardo your preference and he will make a special cocktail for you.


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