Charity Gala and Children's Projects: Meeting the IWG

7th December 2019


This is the season for goodwill, when gifts are given and love is all around. At this time of year it is important to remember and reach out to those whose fortunes may not be so bright, and do what we can to bring light and happiness to their lives.


IWG - Meets the primary school in rural area

This Saturday, December 7th, the International Women's Group in Chongqing will put on its 15th anniversary annual charity ball. We spoke with Chairperson Emily Hodson to find out more about this event and what the IWG means to the community in Chongqing.

12月7日(本周六),重庆国际妇女会将举行第15届年度慈善晚宴。对此我们采访到妇女会会长葛丽(Emily Hodson),以了解有关此活动和妇女会的更多精彩内容。


Founded in 2005 by Lucy Chan Summers, the wife of the British Consul-General Tim Summers, the IWG's main aims are to foster relationships between local and international communities in Chongqing by running events and partnering with local businesses to offer IWG member discounts, and to contribute to improving the lives of children in CQ through infrastructure and education projects. Each year their biggest fundraiser is the charity ball, and this year is their 15th year celebration.


Meets the IWG 访谈内容

Q: Welcome and thank you for speaking with us! What can you tell us about IWG and this event?

A: The IWG is well known amongst the community in Chongqing and has a long history of expats coming together with Chinese people to give back to our community. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organisation which puts on regular events to raise money and bring people together, and we do outreach to find the children and projects which would benefit from our support.


The charity ball is our biggest and most glamorous event; it's a black tie/ballgown gala dinner with a sparkling reception, and live performances, lucky draws and a charity auction which is where most of our money is raised to fund our projects for the following year. The theme this year is 'Around the World' which celebrates 15 years of IWG in Chongqing, and looks ahead to how we can ensure that we leave our Earth in the best position possible to continue to support the children in Chongqing.


Q: Can you give us some examples of your projects?

A: This year alone we have done things like refurbishing a kindergarten in the mountains that was severely damaged by damp and mould; we finalised, published and delivered 1000 books of folk stories from around the world; we delivered 260 backpacks of school supplies to children in the mountains and more than 650 high visibility vests to students who have to walk to and from school in the dark along mountain roads.


We've also facilitated a sexual harrassment awareness class for 150 students, delivered a 'meet the doctor and dentist' workshop, sold children's artwork and donated the funds back to their art programme, and supported workshops for autistic children. In previous years projects have included the installation of water filtration systems in rural schools, provided sports supplies and running a milk project.


This year we are working with a group called Amazing Grace for Kids which provides activities and low cost accommodation to poorly children and their families from all over southwest China attending appointments at Chongqing Children's Hospital. It's an incredibly meaningful cause and they rely on support from donations to be able to continue their work.

今年,我们正在与一个叫Amazing Grace for Kids的组织合作,它主要服务于西南地区,救助在重庆儿童医院诊治而无法支付巨额医疗费的儿童及家庭。这是一个非常有意义的公益慈善组织。

Q: How do you run such a big event?

With a lot of hard work from our committee! The cost of the event is covered by ticket sales so we rely on - and our hugely grateful to - our partners, friends and contacts for sponsorship and donations of their time and their goods for the performances, goody bags, auction items, lucky draw prizes... It requires a lot of planning and work from our events company, and our committee is made up of people juggling full time jobs, and/or families, and/or other responsibilities so I am truly grateful to everyone who chips in to support.


Q: How can people get involved?

If people want to get involved with IWG more broadly, they can become a member for 2020, and attend our events, or even join our committee! They can follow our IWG2005 WeChat account for more info.


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This group has done so much to help me settle into life in Chongqing, and I have had opportunities I never would have had anywhere else - we're like a big family!


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