Local Specialties in Chongqing that You NEED to Buy

26th July 2019


What local specialties are worth buying when you travel to Chongqing? hmmm.... Actually, there are many of them, not only HOT POT. Some of the local snacks are really really really tasty!!! So, if you don't have any idea of what to buy for specialties here, you can find out in the text below.


Hotpot seasoning火锅底料

Chongqing Hot Pot is popular throughout the entire country! So, since you are here, Why would you not buy it for your friends and family? You can find out some of the famous brands such as "Xiaotian'e", "Qiu Xia", "Qin Ma" and "Qiao Tou" if you have no idea which one is taste best. Pay close attention!! These brands may have a very strong taste, you know... extremely spicy! So remember to use half of the seasoning or less if you are not a fan of spicy food. Or you will regret it!


Crunchy Rice Candy米花糖

It's a famous traditional snack which has both a sweet flavor and crunchy texture. You can eat it instantly, or put it in boiled water. The same as making instant noodles. The most authentic brands are the "He Hua" and "Mei Gui". Which is available in many supermarkets for a cheap price.


Wujiang brand Zhacai涪陵榨菜

Fuling is probably best known for its pickled mustard tubers. Wujiang brand zhacai is produced in Fuling, Chongqing. This item is Chinese cabbage, salted with chili and spices to give it the salty taste, crispy texture and spicy flavor. It's a good company with rice, and also you can use your imagination to make some other dishes. Such as fried shredded pork with pickles, or as a spice used as a topping for noodles.


Chen Changyin Fried Dough Twists陈麻花

It is easily sold on the streets, so it should be no problem finding them. It has such a crispy taste. It's suggested to not preserve for a long time. It's best to eat it when it's fresh.


Yangjiao dried bean curd羊角豆干

The specialty snacks in Wulong, is a traditional homemade snack. It has many different flavors, which is also very convenient for exploring the tastes.


Baishiyi dried salted duck白市驿板鸭

The earliest record of this dish dates back to over a hundred years ago. It has been made with many different processes, such as salting and baking to name a few. It also has a smoke flavor which is a good dish for the dinner table.


Guai Wei Hu Dou (Broad bean in special flavor)怪味胡豆

It has a unique flavor which combines spicy, sweet, salty and more. It's like each flavor is blowing your taste buds out of the water! The most famous brand is the "Die Hua".


Chengkou Smoked Pork城口老腊肉

It has a unique recipe and is smoked with traditional techniques. It has excellent meat quality, authentic flavor and full of rich nutrients.


Fermented tofu豆腐乳

Known as the "Oriental Cheese", the fermented tofu was originated in Zhongxian, Chongqing. With a bit of wine taste included. You would go crazy if you ate it with rice because it's soooooooo good. Are you sure you don't want to try it?


Tuocha (Compressed tea)重庆沱茶

The tuocha in Chongqing is very famous. It will taste much better with the appropriate temperature of water.


Tao Pian合川桃片

It is a popular snack among the locals especially in their childhood. It's very thin slices with small pieces of walnut. That are sweet and salty, it's highly recommended! You can choose either brand "Chuanzhou" or "Sanjiang".


Pickled chicken feet有友泡椒凤爪

This snack is very popular among the people who like to eat spicy food. In the first bite, it may not be very spicy but if you eat a lot, you must be careful because it will make you cry. Besides, the pickled bamboo shoots of this brand and most of their products are worth a try. They can be found in local supermarkets or convenience stores.


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