[Face to Face] Interview with Global Doctor

18 OCT 2019


It is never fun to fall sick or get injured in a foreign country. There's a lot to consider, from a doctor not being able to understand you, through to understanding exactly what the procedures will be when you go to the hospital. And in some hospitals, doctors only have very little time with each out-patient. So a lot to worry about! So here, we have Global Doctor, an international medical service in Chongqing, to keep those problems away.

We are happy to interview two amazing professionals from Global Doctor. Have a read.

Dr. Denis

Medical Director
General practitioner
Adult critical care specialist


We call Dr. Denis a "Chongqing expert" as he has been living in Chongqing for 16 years. He says he loves this city, especially the safety here. There's no problem walking on the streets in the middle of the night.

工作时的Dr. Denis

年轻时的Dr. Denis

Dr. Denis has more than 30 years' work experience, specialized in general practice and extensive critical care, emergency and family practice. He says he's not proud of his Chinese, but can communicate with patients in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Not bad!


Dr. Denis trained as a family physician at the University Hospital of Asuncion, Paraguay, where he also trained in Intensive Care medicine. Dr. Denis has spent 10 years working as a family physician and four years as an intensive Care doctor for the "Foundation Tesai" Hospital associated with the Itapu`a Binacional in Ciudad del Este Paraguay before joining Global Doctor. Dr. Denis is certified in ACLS and PALS. 

丹尼斯医生作为一名全科医生,毕业于亚松森大学医院,他曾在巴拉圭接受重症监护医学培训,且有10年家庭医生工作经验,在加入环球医生之前,曾在巴拉圭Itapu`a Binacional 附属“Foundation Tesai”医院担任4年ICU医生。丹尼斯医生已通过ACLS和PALS认证。

And now he has been working at Global Doctor in Chongqing for over 15 years, he has rich clinical experience, and is always conscientious, warm and thoughtful for patients, and, of course, extremely responsible. One Chinese patient honored him as the "Dr. Bethune in the new age of China"


✎How long have you been in Chongqing? How does it impress you?

One of the reasons I'm spending 16 years here, despite having some issues like allergies, is because I really love this city. I like it so much! I like the safety of the city. As I mentioned my house is not far from here. If the patient calls us in the middle of the night, I have no problem or difficulty to walk from there to here. I encounter many people in the middle of the night on the streets, and I’m never facing any unsafe situation.

✎What are some of the biggest differences for expats going to local hospitals and coming here? What can I expect from here if I am ill or injured?

In the local hospital because it's very crowded, the doctors don't have too much time. In our clinic, as you can see, it is not crowded. We spend a little more time trying to figure out what the medical condition the patient brings to us.

Dr. Wong

Dentist at Global Doctor


Global Doctor's new Dental Department is available now! Dr. Wong is in charge of oral health care, consultation and dental treatment services. He has previously had the experience to do the oral health care for the Prime Minister of Malaysia and other politicians.


Dr. Wong has been a dentist at Global Dental Specialist Centre since 2016. He graduated from Asian Institute of Medical, Science and TechnoIMST) Unilogy (Aversity in 2016 with Distinction in Clinical Management Report. Then he worked as a Dental Officer at a government dental clinic in Kuala Lumpur under the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Dr. Wong took part in the oral health care, consultation and dental treatment services of the Prime Minister of Malaysia and other politicians. He is fully registered with the Malaysian Dental Council. Dr. Wong cares for the oral health of the general public.


✎How long have you been in Chongqing? how does it impress you?

I'm new here. For me, Chongqing is so huge and the population is crazy. And I'm still getting use to the food here

You know Chongqing is the "zhun yi xian" city, which means hasn't reached the standard of the first-tier city, but in the middle of the first and the second, which is still developing right now. Not as hi-tech as some super cities like Beijin and, Guangzhou, but here is slowly getting some expat trade, and that’s why I think Global Doctor plays a very significant role.

We welcome all these expats, whether they have any problems or dental issues, we would like to help them. We have an English speaking, international medical approach, all those will help to try to solve your problems.

✎How often should we come to see a dentist?

Please go to see a dentist at least every 6 months to have a basic check up and teeth cleaning. That's the "must" thing to do.

Global Doctor now has two dental chairs. All common dental procedures can be practiced. 


Special Offer

Standard Tooth Cleaning Package

(Record set up, EMS Ultrasonic scaling, Polishing, Intra Oral Pictures, Oral Evaluation)

Valid until 2019/12/31

(含挂号,建档,瑞士EMS超声波洁牙,抛光, 内窥镜专业检查, 口腔状况评估) 使用有效期截至2019年12月31

About Global Doctor

Global Doctor China is a medical service group, it is the first Chinese medical facility to provide the Western style family medicine out-patient services since 1999, and now it's a well-known brand of international medical service provider. It has established multiple medical centers in China, including Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Nanjing, Xi'an, Nanchang, Taiyuan, Wuhan and a 24/7 assistance response center in Beijing. We have established a worldwide medical network access over 200 countries and a medical network of the public and private hospitals in Greater China Region. 


Global Doctor is the China member of International Assistance Group since 2010 and the first certified partner in China by TEMOS for "international quality patient care” since 2016. Global Doctor China is a part of Singapore Fullerton Medical Group. Fullerton Healthcare Group has 517 medical facilities in Singapore / Australia / New Zealand / Philippine / Malaysia / Indonesia. It is the leading provider of corporate health care solutions across the Asia Pacific regions.

2010年,环球医生开始加入 “国际救援集团”,并且从2016年开始,成为国内最早通过德国”TEMOS”质量认证体系认证的医疗机构。环球医生是新加坡富乐医疗集团旗下的分支机构,富乐医疗集团是亚太区领先的综合性企业健康解决方案提供商,在亚洲的8个国家拥有517家自营医疗中心,是目前全球最大的医疗中心集团,其子公司及门诊中心还分布于香港、马来西亚、新加坡、澳大利亚、印度尼西亚、菲律宾等地。

Global Doctor Chongqing now has 2 clinics. Our multi-lingual medical team is combined with Western and Chinese doctors, and well-trained bilingual nurses, provides excellent primary health care and convenient medical services to the expatriate communities and local residents since 2004. The services provided in the past had earned Global Doctor a solid reputation. The medical services include 24hrs out-patient(X-ray/ ultrasound/ lab tests) / 24hrs emergency assistance / specialist referral / admission arrangement / hotel visit, etc. Our working languages include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Malay and Chinese. 


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