【Get a Free Haircut】Where to Get Your Hair Done in Chongqing?

07 Aug 2019


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Kreamer by Hair Culture

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HX Hair Salon

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Appearence is very important in society, from work to personal life, as it gives others the first impression of who we are - and our hairstyle can form part of our identity. However, one of the biggest challanges for expats, especially women, is getting a satisfactory haircut due to language and cultural barriers, or simply not knowing where to go to get the wanted outcome. So we've done our research on where to go for a good haircut in Chongqing, based on reccomendations, clean environments, and ease of communication.


Kreamer by Hair Culture 苏豪路易士·嘉玛 发型沙龙

• Raffles City/来福士

Kreamer is located in Raffles city 5F and presents itself as luxury brand, as it attached to a company in Paris. One of the store owners Kevin, speaks fluent English and can mediate with the hairdressers (booking is important especially for haircuts), answer concerns and advice on post-cut hair care.

Customers are asked to provide a picture of the desired haircut and choose between four levels of hairstylists, which differ in experience and price (starting from 108RMB for cut, wash and dry). A list can be found in-store, but people are adviced to look on Dianping for discounted prices. Kreamer caters for both male and female customers. The experience includes a hair wash with head massage while laying on a horizontal bed, a haircut, dry and complimentary coffee (provided by You&Coffee).

The place is new, spacious, clean and lockers can be used to store one's things in. They provide all other hair care services, using famous brands like Kerastase, milbon and so on. The salon is open 10am-10pm every day except for one week during Spring Festival.


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HX Hair Salon 何星造型

• Nanping/南坪

HX is located in Nanping, Nan'an district, in the 11th floor apartment 12th of the Jiayisi hotel on Jiangnan avenue just behind Starlight mall, by Nanping metro station of line 3.

The place presents itself well, welcoming customers in a very bright and cozy open space decorated with excellent taste. The hair salon opened in 2015 and currently has two hairdressers, including the ower Andy, who has worked as hairstylist for more than thirteen years and has plenty of experience with non-Chinese hair types due to his previous jobs in Beijing,Shanghai, Guanzhou and Hong Kong. His salon mission is to create one to one services focused on quality and details.

HX caters to both male and female customers, providing different hair related services: all kind of haircuts, hairstyles, dyeing and can even style beards. A gentle head massage is offered during the hair washing process, with the use of quality products.

The salon price list is in both English and Chinese. Opening times are between 10am and 8pm everyday. Customers are asked to make an appointment at least a day in advance through WeChat (hexing19860605) and bring a picture of the desired hairstyle.

HX hair salon currently offers a 20RMB deduction for washing and cutting as well as 20% off ironing and dyeing to all the CQExpat Guide readers that will show this article when booking. (valid until 22th Feb)

何星造型位于南坪3号线地铁站旁,在星光购物广场后面佳怡斯酒店大厦11楼。该美发沙龙于2015年开业,环境非常舒适,目前有两名美发师,其中一位是Andy老师,有13年工作经验,曾在北京,上海,广州和香港工作,有多次给外国顾客美发的经验。这里提供专业与优质的服务, 进行各种造型,染发,胡须造型。在洗头的过程中,还提供专业的头部按摩,使你在立法过程中更加放松与愉悦。沙龙价格表是双语的。营业时间为每天上午10点至晚上8点。至少提前一天通过微信预约(Andy的微信:hexing19860605),并提供所需发型的图片。


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Frank Provost Paris 梵珀巴黎

• Jiefangbei/解放碑

Provost is located on the LG floor of the WFC (World Finance Center) in the heart of Jiefangbei, therefore reacheable by metro, with line 2 Linjiangmen exit D being the closest.

The staff doesn't speak English but the salon is equipped with a very detailed hair treatments and prices list, in both Chinese and English. For hair cuts, for example, different hairstylist, based on their seniority and years of experience, will charge differently. Prices start at 180RMB for cutting and 80RMB for washing and drying. The washing of the hair is accompained by a relaxing massage and the salon offers complimentary water, tea and candies to his costumers.

Overall good cut and colour is offered for both male and female clients in a big and clean environment. A better experience is guaranteed if going with a photo of the desired hairstyle. The salon is open 10am-10pm every day.


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Zibo Beauty salon 姿柏美容美发

• Yuanyang, Yubei/渝北鸳鸯

Zibo Beauty salon is located a five minutes walk from YuanYang station of line 3, at n. 20 of YuanYang road, in the Fudi area. It offers more than just hair care and occupies two floors. It is owned by husband and wife, Owen and Handy, who respectively take care of hair and nails, with the help of trained staff. Owen has 32 years of experience in the field - with 4 years spent working for Tony and Guy in Shanghai - and claims that he can work with any type of women's hair.

To bring a picture is important and they offer different hair care including cut, shampoo and blow dry, colouring and perm. The last two need to have an appointment, but for the rest walk in are accepted as well. Costumers appreciate the hair washing that is done by massaging one's head while laying orizontally. Layering and colouring have also been appreciated. Adding the salon on wechat (AAA0000000777777) can optimise the understanding, as only basic words of English are understood (including haircare terms) and the price book is only in Chinese. Prices start at 98RMB. The shop is open 9am-9pm for seven days a week. Zibo offers 20% off for hair related services by showing the article.

Zibo Beauty salon在渝北区鸳鸯,距3号线鸳鸯站5分钟步行路程。理发店是一对夫妻Owen和Handy开的,这里还提供美甲服务。Owen在这一领域拥有32年的经验 - 在上海的托尼盖有4年工作经验。他对于各式各样的女士发型颇有经验。建议带上你想要做的发型的图片。他们提供不同的头发护理,包括剪发,洗发和吹干,染发和烫发等。烫染发需提前预约。顾客会有相当不错的消费体验。他们的价目表是中文的,但可以添加微信沟通(wechat: AAA0000000777777),方便理解。价格起价为98元。营业时间:每周7天,上午9点至晚上9点。


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NY Coloring Studio 纽约色工作室

• Blue Lake, Yubei/渝北蓝湖郡

NYC studio is based in Chengdu, but Siyu, hairstylist specialised in women's hair colouring will arrange to come to Chongqing, usually bi-monthly, to do people's hair. She and her assistant set up in one of her clients' home, in the Blu Lake apartment complex in Yubei. She has lived and learned the trade in New York, where for more than ten years has mastered colouring for different types of hair, before opening her studio in China. Therefore, she brings to Chongqing plenty of experience and can guarantee a fluent English process.

Due to settings the usual head massage cannot be offered and people often have to bend over a sink for hair washing, but many customers come back satisfied with the result and service. People get offered wine or coffee, while they can enjoy a conversation with the lovely and charming Siyu. Prices go from 200 for a hair cut to 2000 for highlights or balayage full hair. NYC hairstylist will be here from 5th to 7th of December.

NYC studio总部在成都,重庆的这家店位于渝北区蓝湖郡。老板Siyu曾在纽约生活和学习,并有十几年的美发染发经验。因此,在这里理发交流肯定不是问题。这里有许多回头客,虽不提供头部按摩服务,但有免费的咖啡饮料等。价格:剪发200元起,漂染、巴黎画染价格为2000美元。

Therefore, when choosing a hair salon word of mouth is important (satisfied customer reviews are sending you to the right places); an English-speaking environment can make thinks easy but so does learning some Chinese key words or a translation app and attention should be paid to the service, not just on the final product. Of course, everyone will have to decide what works best for them.


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Article by Alessia Martino

Graduated from university in the UK and has been in Chongqing for 3 years. Loves to write, travel, hike and try new food. Enjoys life starting from the little things.

Photos by Alessia Martino HX salon, Frank Provost, NY Coloring

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