Interview with the Canadian Consul General

09 Sep 2019


Face to Face

Jeff David 

Consul General at Consulate General of Canada in Chongqing

This is my second time in Chongqing. I came here a long time ago in 2008. I was only here for a few weeks working, but got a great impression, and then ten years later took the opportunity to come back.

Consul General Jeff David came to Chongqing for the first time over ten years ago to help with Canada's contributions to the recovery after the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan. While the circumstances of that visit were unfortunate, he nevertheless got a good impression of Chongqing. Last year he came back to the city to see as Consul General, and is thrilled to get to live in this beautiful, atmospheric city.


Mr. David speaks fluent Chinese and can speak the local Chongqing dialect. He shows his skills, saying "duo chi rou ga ga (eat more meat)!" No wonder he's a fan of Sichuan cuisine. He says his favorite dishes are La Zi Ji (spicy chicken) and Kou Shui Ji (steamed chicken with chili sauce).


Must-Try Canadian Foods  | 领事推荐必吃


Poutine | 肉汁奶酪薯条

Arguably Canada's most famous national dish, it consists of a base of fries with cheese curds and gravy on top.


Nanaimo Bar | 纳奈莫棒

A unique Canadian dessert. This chocolate no-bake square takes its name from the city of Nanaimo, which is located on the west coast of Canada. It consists of a crumb-based layer, topped with a layer of light custard or vanilla butter icing, and a top coating of soft chocolate!



Butter Tart | 牛油蛋挞

A special dessert for tea


When in Rome, do as the Romans do! During Spring Festival, Mr. David follows traditional Chinese New Year practices by making dumplings and exchanging red packets with family.


I think Spring Festival is my favorite Chinese holiday. There are lots of reasons for that; it’s about food, it's about coming together. We have similar holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, opportunities to come together as families, enjoy wholesome, delicious food and reconnect... It's also about the changing of seasons. In Canada we have four pretty distinctive seasons and Canadians really cherish the changing of the seasons. I think you can feel all these things in Spring Festival.

As Consul General, one of the important things he wants to do is to get Canadians more involved in Chongqing and Southwestern China. He is also very dedicated to introducing Canadian culture and experiences to locals.


I recently went to an event we organized with a local city government where I had the chance to learn more about Canada's long history in Southwest China. I already knew a little bit about it, but I was surprised by the impact of early Canadian missionaries in Southwest China, whether building hospitals or schools in many different cities. The most striking thing to me was learning about it through local Chinese people. I also spent a lot of time this summer participating in events to help Canadian companies understand the local market and become better informed about opportunities in Southwest China. For example, we're planning a strong presence at Chongqing's Smart Expo China.

"There're just so many places in Canada you should visit", Mr. David said.


If you're an outdoorsy, athletic type of person, there are a lot of things on offer across Canada. It’s a massive country and there are a lot less people so you can do a lot of things without crowds. It also depends on the season you go. In the winter, skiing is a favorite. Not everybody likes the cold but if you just dress properly you're going to be fine. There's a wonderful food culture, for example in Vancouver where you can find a great mix with Asian culture and enjoy all types of food.

We have tall mountains and vast prairies with beautiful fresh water lakes. In cities like Toronto and Montreal you really have everything - these are exciting, dynamic places that mix the modern and historical. The east coast is beautiful and famous for its seafood. If don't have fun travelling in Canada, I'd be very surprised.

You need to get out and explore - get on a boat, do a lot of walking, drive around, get on subway. The reason why is the city's very hilly. One of the most interesting parts of the city is that it isn't flat, it's curvy, it's up and down, and walking through different streets will give you a much better perspective to know what Chongqing is all about. And of course you have to try the spicy food.

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