KLIS’ Halloween Party is Coming! Are You Ready?

26 OCT 2019


As Halloween approaches, the teachers and students of KLIS begin to set up and decorate their classrooms, and the festive atmosphere on the campus is becoming more intense. Ghosts, vampires, monsters... KLIS' annual Halloween party is coming on October 26th!


There will be a variety of fun games, face painting, red carpet catwalk, zombie dances... KLIS has elaborately prepared a series of themed activities and there are more surprises waiting for you to unlock on October 26th.


If you are interested in participating in KLIS' Halloween activities, please call 023-67721777 to make an appointment for "Trick or Treat"!


Previously Halloween Party



As a not-for-profit school serving students in Preschool to Year 13, the mission of the KLIS is to develop well-educated and internationally-minded citizens who can adapt to a changing world. KLIS was selected in the "13th Five-Year Plan" as a key international project, playing a vital role in the opening-up of Chongqing's education development. To learn more about KLIS' American education model and warm and inclusive community, please visit www.klisedu.com, e-mail at klis@klschool.org, or call 67721777.

重庆市诺林巴蜀外籍人员子女学校 (KLIS),是重庆市首个也是唯一一所受到重庆市教委审批通过的美式教育外籍人员子女学校。2016年,KLIS作为城市国际化重点项目被写入《重庆市内陆开放高地建设“十三五”规划》并在解读中成为教育领域开放的重点部分。作为一所非营利性的幼儿园至中学一贯制学校,KLIS旨在培养具有创新精神、合作意识以及好学品质的学生,使他们能够积极应对万变世界的挑战,成为合格的全球公民及思想领袖。

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