Must Have Apps in China

23 Sep 2019


Useful apps you must know to survive living in China!

Moving to China can be a wonderful and thrilling experience for those who are interested in Chinese culture, the booming business opportunities of China’s economy, and the chance to learn a new language in a completely foreign environment. However, making the move to China can be very daunting. There are many useful apps you will need to navigate your China life.


Social connection

WeChat is definitely the most useful app in China. This is where you will connect with your friends, communicate with your boss, as well as sharing your moments and daily posts. It also supports translation within your chat conversations, which is very useful if you cannot read Chinese. So when you meet a new friend, be sure to add his/her WeChat! WeChat is also used for payments, shop online, or settle your bar tab.

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Wanna get yourself involved quickly with people?

Check useful Wechat groups in Chongqing(点击此打开网页链接:


Cash free

Don’t have a Chinese card? Alipay is there! With the option to add foreign cards you will be able to pay with your phone as well. Alipay provides features such as bank account management and transfer. You can also use Alipay to top up your phone, rent a bike, purchase a train ticket, order food and more.

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Shopping online

This app really has made people’s lives a lot more convenient over the years in China. It offers everything from fully functional airplanes to temporary boyfriends (hahhha…kidding). With good prices and numerous choices, you can buy whatever you need!! One awesome feature Taobao offers is image search. Just take a photo of the product you want, upload it on the app and you will exactly find the same items. The only issue you’ll find is it only works in ChineseSo yeah, LEARN CHINESE and you will see the benefits!

Not available in English


Ordering food

To save yourself from hungry, you need Meituan. But first must make sure you have a working Chinese phone number and a bank card or WeChat Pay. There are a few more delivery apps such as (饿了么) / Baidu Waimai (百度外卖)/ Jindong Daojia(京东到家). They also offer supermarket/pharmacy delivery - you will never have to leave your home again!

Not available in English

DiDi 滴滴出行

Calling a car

Hiring a taxi at rush hour? Don’t worry, DiDi has your back. The ride-hailing app offers private car, premier, taxi and the express option for carpooling, as well as airport drop-off and pick-up. Similar to Uber, the real-time location of the driver will be shown on the map. The model and plate number of the car are also displayed at the bottom. You can message the driver by tapping the message icon and there are even a few pre-defined messages which are really helpful. By doing so, you can avoid answering phone call from the driver who doesn’t speak English. It is possible to pay the fare with your WeChat Pay or Alipay. There are also some other car hailing apps such as Caocao, Shenzhou.

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Dazhong Dianping 大众点评

Find restaurants

The largest restaurant review app in China, comes in handy. Many businesses offer online reservations and even coupons and vouchers for discounts. Some of them have even gone viral through the app.

Not available in English


Go traveling

China has so many great places to visit. So this will help you to find the best prices for train and plane tickets both for China and abroad. Another one popular travel app is去哪儿(qù nǎ er).

Available in English (only on website)

Amap 高德地图

Finding your way

To help you find your way to the right destination, you’re going to need a good map. As Google Maps is not particularly functional in China, Amap works as a great replacement to Google Maps. You can set your home and office locations which allows you to find your way more easily. Also you can explore what’s around you.

Not available in English

CQ Metro

Taking subway

This is your Chongqing metro app! Offline accessable! Use it when you want to find the nearest station to your home and how to navigate the city’s sprawling metro network.

Available in English

ofo 小黄车

Renting a bike

So you tried to get a taxi and got stuck in one of those traffic jams? Enter bike rental apps. Ofo and Mobike are the most popular. Once you’ve found a bike, open the app on your phone and scan the QR code on the bike, you will be given a code that you can use to unlock the device. Deposit for the Ofo bikes starts at 99RMB (a good third of what Mobike charges) and you can pay through Alipay or WeChat. And if you’re a student here in China, you can ride the bikes around campus without a deposit – all you need to do is to upload a photo of your student ID.

Not available in English

 iQiyi 爱奇艺

Watching TV

Basically the Netflix of China, for finding movies, TV shows, and other videos. Tencent Video 腾讯视频(téng xùn shì píng)is another option to try.

Not available in English

 QQ Music QQ音乐

Start a music journey

It lets you stream songs and download them to your phone. There's also NetEase Cloud Music 网易云音乐(wang yi yun yin yue). One of the features includes immediate search for a song which is playing right now - just click the bottom in the top right corner to search it.

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