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4th November 2019



A culinary adventure between Singapore and the West


Food critic/试吃嘉宾


Graduated from the Uk and has been in Chongqing for 3 years. Loves to write, travel, hike and try new food. Enjoys life starting from the little things.

I was invited with a group of people to try Chongqing Collin's food. I had no expectations or information so went in blind, but I can say that even if I had built up my expectations, they would have been exceeded.

The restaurant is located in the first floor of the Ascott Serviced Residence, one of the towers of the newly opened Raffles City landmark building. The restaurant caters for both hotel customers and anyone else who would like to experience their combined Singaporean and western cuisine. 

The restaurant is located in the first floor of the Ascott Serviced Residence, one of the towers of the newly opened Raffles City landmark building. The restaurant caters for both hotel customers and anyone else who would like to experience their combined Singaporean and western cuisine.

Well designed, comfortable dining area

Warmly and welcoming staff

Menu is extensive with many options to choose from

Delicious meals prepared by professional chefs

The lunch started with a traditional Singaporean Keppel Road Bak Kut Teh, The meat was pleasantly soft and well cooked, great with the amazing soy sauce, but we found the soup slightly too pungent, as the pepper taste kicks in strongly, for both local and foreign taste. This dish is recommended for those that love this kind of peppery experience, but I would honestly even order it just for the meat.

A simmered pork rib in a broth of pepper soup, which was accompanied by rice, yu tiao, dark Singaporean soy sauce, red cut chili and chopped garlic to combine according to personal taste. The manager kindly explained that such a dish should be eaten by taking a piece of meat from the rib to season and have with rice; the soup can be drunk.

The next dish to be served, the Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche. The pouring of the almost flourecent apple and dill sauce was a show of its own and paired well with the pink scallops. I cannot fully put into words the incredible feeling of the consistency of the scallops; they were delicate on the palate and the plate was soon empty.

It was the brightest, as it included aburi, green apple slaw, pickled shallot, fresno chilli, dill vinegarette and mekong apple juice.

The Glazed Spiced Duck Breast was one of my favourites and could barely stop eating it. Roasted plumbs and baby potatoes, wilted spinach, duck jus and charred oil completed each other well. The sauce was extremely smooth and full of taste. The duck was medium/medium rare and tender.

The Collin's Mixed Combo was the king plate of the table as was the biggest in size and variety. The mix included fantastic grilled chicken chops and gravy, mouthwatering half roasted BBQ ribs, tempura squid, spiced pork bratwurst, crispy but not oily onion rings, cajun fries, corn combs, coleslaw and mesclun salad; it is ideal for groups as it is big and there is something for every taste. No sauce for the fries was given but we were assured that the option would be available in the future.

Unique stylish cocktails were served with the food, blowing the audience away. As cocktails were served was like watching and participating in a well performed show as our eyes, tastebuds and imagination were fully engaged. The first to come was mine, a yellow and foamy drink called Passionate Thymes, presented in a lantern shaped frame and rose petals with changing coloured light at the bottom. It was so beautiful as well gentle in taste.

Customers can adjust the flavour according to their own taste by making use of the side lemon pump – I didn't need to as I thought it was just the perfect drink for me, as if the bartender who made it knew me.

The other cocktails also surprised us. Lollipop is a bright rainbow coloured drink served with a crown of fresh apple. When the layers are mixed together the result is a bright red colour.

Another cocktail, called Smoky Red Date Lychee Sour, was designed to recall Chinese ancient times as it is served in a traditional pot and drunk from a bowl. It is served iced, and before being ready for drinking it is set on fire and covered for few minutes. I have never seen anything like it before, but its taste reminded me of Chinese traditional 'healthy tea' made of goji and red dates, although there were no goji in it. It was smooth and easy to drink.

In conclusion, drawing from my very positive lunch experience I can say that Collin's delivers what it promises to its customers: detail, quality and passion. Every dish and drink is a unique culinary journey, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. Moreover everyone can find something right for their tastebuds and budget, as the menu comprises a big variety of traditional Singaporean and western food at different prices.


It is Collin's first restaurant in China, adding more to the growing value of the city foodie scene. Collin's is an award winning F&B brand that started in Singapore in 2012 from the vision of founder and current CEO Collin Ho, who always wanted to make great food accessible for everyone. Collin's has now established its locations in Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and China.

Collin's is a restaurant that should be on people's bucket lists, definitely not to miss.

Food quality/★★★★★

1F, Asccot Raffles City

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