13th October 2019


Chongqing has many universities and other higher education institutes, meaning many students are scattered across locations in the city. As any others, students need to eat to survive. Although universities have canteens that offer cheaper prices people might not want to eat there every day. Therefore, a guide on where to eat near universities has been compiled.

Daxuecheng and Shapingba

Masala Indian

Masala Indian is situated in the middle of Xijie, in the heart of Daxuecheng [the biggest university area in Chongqing]. It gets often described as the best Indian restaurant of Chongqing and not only of Daxuecheng. People often travel from all Chongqing to experience its authentic Indian cuisine. Its owner is Indian, and his food is praised for being tasty and cheap.

Pizza House

Pizza House is located on the second floor of block A of Daping Paradise walk, just a short metro ride from the students in Shapingba. Taste and presentation are well thought of for all the variety of food that it is made, which doesn't limit to Pizza but it also extends to first and second courses. It is a restaurant for everyone and costumers can appreciate the calm atmosphere.

Light's Burger

Light's burger is located on the fourth floor of block A of Daping Paradise walk (store number 23), with a newly opened second store in Xiejiawan mixc mall.

Light's burger presents itself to the public in an elegant and delicate way without categorising its costumers. Its burgers, made of "real-Aussie beef, imported flavour and cheese" are "great burgers for any day of the week". During the week It offers packages deals including a burger, fries and a drink great for students needing a comprehensive, delicious, cheap meal.

Other deals can be found in-store. On Tuesday people can buy one burger and get one free, on Thursday they can buy one steak get one free. Light's burgers offers a lot more than just burgers: salads, paella, brunch food and a variety of snacks.


CTBU food street

Chongqing Technology and Business Univeristyis located in Nanping (on line 3). The universities has a food street inside the campus that the students can take advantage of. A popular place to eat is a barbecue restaurant known as "International bbq place" as it is the only place with a full English menu. Lots of international students like to eat there, but it is popular among the Chinese students as well.

Meow Barbecue

Meow barbecue is a Korean style barbecue that can be found in Nanping Starlight mall on the sixth floor. A big variety of food to choose from is offered under 100 yuan in a big welcoming space. Great for groups of students that want to share a nice and cheap meal looking forward to good service.

Sushi Express

Sushi Express is also located in the Nanping Starlight mall, but on the LG floor. Students choose this sushi restaurant because for only 8 yuan a regular portion of sushi is served. "It is simple. The taste is pretty good for non fusion sushi," said a Hospitality managment student.

Fish soup

This is a chain of Chinese restaurant that has business in many malls around Chongqing and also outside of the city. It can be found at the seventh floor of the Nanping Starlight mall and people can get traditional fish and soup for 98 yuan, which can be shared between an average of three people.

Shouchailu roasted duck

Shouchailu roasted duck is in Nanping Wanda Plaza, LG floor. As suggested by the name this restaurant offers traditional Chinese style roasted duck, that can be purchased whole or in halves. "I like ducks. I went to three different restaurants and this is the best for me," said a Hospitality Managment student.


SWUPL North and South gate food

South West University of Political Science and Law, easly known as Swupl, is the campus of South West University in Yubei (with the other being in Bei Bei). The closest metro station in Jintonglu station of line 3, but better connections are services by buses. Students here have the choice of going to the many restaurants by the north gate if they don't want to eat in the canteen. XizhenSanwu, for example, is chosen for the taste of its potatoes.

Other food can be found by the South gate. Some students like the food stall called Kaolengmian (which translates in baked cold noodles) which serves authentic Northen style noodles. "Pliable and Smooth noodles with egg. You'll like the sweet and sour sauce" – said one law student.

Youleongmen Huajiajichi, also near the university, specialised in cooking clams (Huajia). It is small, whit only four tables and not very easy to find. However, the clams have been described as delicious, spicy (for those not used to it), but most important very clean. Those not satisfied by the options can reach Guaniyinqiao Paradise Walk, on a 30 minutes ride away.

Article by Alessia Martino

Alessia Martino graduated from the Uk and has been in Chongqing since September 2016. She loves to write, travel, hike and try new food. She enjoys life starting from the little things.

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