The best places to have a nice brunch!

5th July 2019


There's no Sunday without brunch

Want to sleep more on those Sunday mornings! Then you realize it's too late for breakfast and too early for lunch so…. Go have BRUNCH! Here are some of great places in Chongqing to have your pre-noon hunger fix!

Niccolo Kitchen

Niccolo Chongqing is dedicated to providing you with a nice brunch experience that includes a sky view on a lazy weekend. Enjoy the semi-buffet and choose one of the 7 freshly cooked main courses. Along with "Franciacorta"- a sparkling wine from Italy. Take a tasteful journey around the world with French chef "Olivier".


Price | 288rmb(soft drinks), 388rmb(Franciacorta sparkling wine, Tenuta S. Anna Classic wine and beers)

Address | Niccolo Chongqing, Tower 1, Chongqing IFS, No.1 Qingyun Road, Jiangbei District




You can try the American brunch here, since it's such a large serving, you can keep the hunger at bay. British eggs benedict, sweet French toast, European style sandwiches, Mediterranean style brunch, smoked salmon, and cereals with soft boiled eggs. The brunch can be refreshing and pleasant on an easy Sunday.


Price | 130/pp
Address | MixC, L1, L147, Xiejiawan Main Sreet


Banana Brunch Bar 

The view of the river is excellent and it includes the breathtaking scenery of "Dongshuimen Bridge". The outdoor area comes with a view of the light rail passing through the bridge, which is perfect for taking a nice shot. The dishes are both amazing in taste and presentation. The classic dishes like eggs benedict, quinoa and roasted pumpkin salad and their brunch platter can easily give your appetite a boost to keep the orders coming!


Price | 90/pp
Address | Longmenhao Old Street No. 8, Nanbin Road, Nan'an


Light's Burger

The American burger is a must try! Which it actually is very big and filled with rich stuff inside of the buns. The classic beef & cheese burger is delicious and every bite will satisfy your appetite. The durian cheese burger has a beef and cheese stuffing combo that makes it perfectly delicious. If you like durian, that burger would be better with a durian or avocado cucumber milk shake to top it off!


Price | 70/pp
Address | L4-23, Daping Paradise Walk A



Other than the classic western style brunch, the Taiwanese style can be another choice. Braised pork with rice is a must order here! It's tasty and NOT GREASY! Milk tea is also a Taiwan classic, as well as the crispy sweet potato chips with a cheese & ham sandwich.


Price | 50/pp
Address | Daping Paradise Walk C, 4F



Focuses on low-fat, healthy but also tasty fresh food. It's especially suitable for someone on a diet. The Energy Bowl might be a good healthy choice with avocado, beef, and vegetables, topped with a sesame vinegar dressing. BRUNCH is available on weekdays too!


Price | 60/pp
Address | Guotai Plaza, B1, Zourong Road, Jiefangbei



The authentic German food spot! A sausage platter is the house special and perfect to go with a beer. The pork knuckle comes with crispy fries in a tasty sauce, which is not too greasy, and its one that carnivores love! The fresh garlic shrimp pasta tastes a bit spicy. Potato wedges, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes are also a treat. The authentic flavor is refreshing and different.


Price | 90/pp
Address | Daping Paradise Walk D, 4F



Coffee shop by day and bar by night! They have it all; Coffee, tea, drinks, brunch and healthy choices. Seats are near the street which create a perfect lazy afternoon break type of atmosphere. Inside, it's divided into a dining area, bar, and booths for relaxing. We highly recommend the asparagus & mushroom salad with crispy and salty croutons. ITS SOOOO GOOOOOODDD!


Price | 85/pp
Address | Xinguangli E-102, Jiazhou Road No.92


MixC 1F, Xiejiawan Main Road No. 51


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