Discover Chongqing's top three flea markets | 重庆好逛的跳蚤市场


Exploring the flea markets on a sunny weekend afternoon is a good way to have an extraordinary adventure during your time in Chongqing. Here we have the top 3 flea markets to share with you.


Dongjiaxi Flea Market


The largest and the most famous flea market in Chongqing is located in a very old and tired building. It is a hidden gem offering second hand goods and vintage items.


It has five floors with goods on sale at each floor, selling wares such as cooking utensils, barbecue grills, and furniture. The fourth floor is one worth a visit. It is like a paradise for pretty much everything you need from books, paintings, writing brushes, traditional Chinese musical instruments to backpacks, smart phones, clothes, and accessories.


Comic book 连环画

Clothes 服饰

Old stuff 器皿

Accordion 手风琴

Stamp 邮票

Ancient Coins 钱币

LP 黑胶唱片

Abacus 算盘

Telephone 电话

Camera 相机

Radio 收音机

Records 录音带

Explore the music of last century and play it all the time with these special souvenirs. Discover a bargain that brings a unique treasured atmosphere!


Sanxia Vintage&Antiques Market


This one is located near the People's Auditorium and Sanxia Museum, and that's how the name came about. The indoor area is home to some expensive vintage and antiques, and usually you can go to the outdoor area for a look.


A place for history buffs and strolling through the stalls to get a deep insight into Chinese history. There are a lot of treasures to be found: calligraphy writings, paintings, books, china, tea sets, clocks, bracelets, rings, silverware, copper, iron, jade and handicrafts.


Coins 钱币

Tea sets 茶具

It's such a nice experience searching for gems here that you will definitely want to bring a unique souvenir or home.


Coin 元宝

china 磁器

Bargaining is encouraged and definitely necessary to get the best deal. You may need to take with you some basic local language, like "xiang yin dian sa" (Can you make it cheaper?) or just pretend walk away for waiting them to say "yao de" (ok).


Zhongxinglu Vintage&Antiques Market


This used to be a big market but now it's just some stalls in a narrow alleyway. But it's still a place where you can find some gems.

Stalls 摊位

Book shop 连环画书店

Food coupons 粮票

Poems 诗词

So - is it time to go shopping!?

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