Just Laugh | Funny Things People Are Doing During The Panic!


Since this special period started in 2020, and despite the fact that the whole country has been working to solve the virus issue, there has just been so much fun happening during the epidemic period. 😄

Let's have a look! 大家一起看(品)一下

ReganMian (a tradition dish originating from Wuhan) being rejected. The only one that no-one wants to buy.

The chicken and mushroom flavored instant noodles is in the same awkward situation.🤣

Experts: it has been proven that chicken and mushroom instant noodles still remains the lowest seller during this period.

No man

How do you wear your mask?

Which planet are you from?

Finally a chance to make my astronaut dream come true!

but that's all fine
just dont do this.

Since the expert say we should use this medicine against the virus...

Staying at home pills:

Instructions: stop using the hanging out pills and take this once a day, please quarantine yourself at home for 14 days if any side effects occur.

People are having so much fun doing crazy things at home.
Like this

269 seeds in total


disinfecting their cash

this (dj show at home)

and this

The very true vision of me during this Spring Festival...

Since we still cannot going out

Online courses have started! 🤣

I used to have dreams but..

Happy Valentine's Dayp

Well, don’t be so serious since we are still alive!

Life is still going on and we will be fine

No matter where we are from

Italy, Thailand, and Xinjiang

Wuhan, Chongqing, or Hongkong

Cause we are strong

Above all, don’t descend into discrimination, politics, or violent issues…

Just laugh out loud!

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