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With the epidemic still in going on, schools are facing a hard times. All the schools in Chongqing will not be allowed to start before the end of February, according to the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, and instead will be required to conduct online courses with no more than 4 class hours per day. Meanwhile all kinds of kindergartens in Chongqing are not allowed to give online courses.

Based on the above restrictions, KLIS is implementing online cloud consultations where a professional admissions officer will take you through KLIS and answer any questions you might have!




At KLIS, we not only provide students with a bright and comfortable learning environment, but also a diversified community in which we respect and cherish every member. Students can acquire knowledge and grow up happily in a warm and friendly community atmosphere. Our strict “Small Class Size” policy is as follows, Preschool to Primary School: no more than 17 students per class, and Middle School to High School: no more than 20 students per class, which has enabled a student-centered approach and provided teachers the space and time needed to be responsive to each student’s needs. While providing customized teaching programs for students of all ages, we also offer more support for students in their life and health.


You can contact KLIS to start your online cloud consultation through the following ways.



Please scan the QR Code to add the Wechat of the admissions department.



Please communicate with KLIS by e-mail.



Please consult online through our official website.


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