Spring has sprung! Places to spend time outdoors


As the joke goes, there is no such thing as spring or autumn in Chongqing. Do you agree? Well it feels like summer already but we just have got through a long hard winter! Anyway, the sun is out in the city so it is the best time to go out and embrace the spring air! So we've collated some of the best places to have a spring outing with your friends.



Fancy a spring outing?

There's no need to drive to the outskirts of city to have an outing, as the city already has lots to offer if you want to go for a walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon, which are all easy to get to and enjoy


Expo Garden 园博园

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The vast open spaces, beautiful flowers, photo opportunities


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Located in Yubei, it is known for its miniature gardens representing cities in China and abroad, covering an area of 200 hectares, with views of mountains and lakes. The park boasts stunning natural scenery and annual cultural events such as light and gardening shows.


Tickets: 16RMB
Opening time: 09:00-17:00
Address: Longjing Road 1, Yubei 渝北区龙景路1号
Getting there: Take line 3 to Expo Garden station Exit 1 and walk about 500m to East Gate; get to the Main Gate by transfer bus 555, 575, 559, 623, 676, 965, 883 三号线坐到东门或转公交直达大门

Nanshan Botanic Garden 南山植物园


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Flowers, the exhibition greenhouse, photo opportunities

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If you're looking for fresh air in the city then look no further. It has an altitude of 420m-680.5m, and covers an area of 551 hectares. It regularly holds the Camellia Show, Plum Festival, and Cherry Blossom Festival, and is a very popular spot among local people.


Tickets: 29RMB
Opening time: 09:30-17:00
Address: Nanshan Botanical Garden Road 101, Nan'an 南岸区南山植物园路101号
Getting there: take bus 384 at Nanping station

Central Park 中央公园

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Fitness, picnic, green spaces

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Covering an area of 1.53 square kilometers and in the shape of a footprint - it is the fourth largest city park in the world after New York City's Central Park, London's Hyde Park, and Shanghai's Pudong Century Park.


Tickets: free 免费
Opening time: 24 hours 全天
Address: Central Park West Road, Yubei 渝北区公园西路
Getting there: take line 10 to Central Park station

Jiangbeizui Central Park 江北嘴中央公园

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Fitness, picnic spots, green spaces

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Different from Central Park, it is situated in the center of Jiangbeizui CBD, a bit of center in the city. It boasts various attractions including the Cehou pavilion, Mingyu-zhenrui mausoleum and churches, and also cultural establishments like Chongqing Grand Theatre and Chongqing Science and Technology Museum.


Tickets: free 免费
Opening time: 24 hours 全天
Address: Huanghuayuan Bridge North End 黄花园大桥北桥头
Getting there: take line 6 to Grande Theatre station exit 4 and walk about 500m

Flower Garden 花卉园

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Tulips, photo opportunities

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The CQ Flower Garden is a kind of city park with a long history. Located in the hustle and bustle of Yubei area, featuring varieties of flowers grown in the garden, it provides citizens with a dose of colours all year round. It has annual shows such as the tulip show. There are lots of tulips!


Tickets: free 免费Opening time: 8:00-21:00Address: Huahuiyuan West Road 1, Yubei 渝北区花卉园西路1号Getting there: take line 6 to Huahuiyuan station exit 2B and walk about 220m6号线花卉园站2B出口出来就到

E'ling Park 鹅岭公园

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Plants, the lookout point, photo opportunities

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Eling Park displays the layout of Suzhou gardens. At 350 meters up, it offers a grand view of the city. Built in 1909, it was originally the home of Lee, a rich businessman, and was also known as "courteous park". With special plant species and a newly built tower (Liangjiang Pavilion) here you can get a view of the entire city.


Tickets: free 免费
Opening time: 09:30-17:00
Address: Eling Main Street 176, Yuzhong 渝中区鹅岭正街176号
Getting there: take line 1 to Eling station, get off at exit 2A 1号线鹅岭站2A出口

Hongensi Forest Park 鸿恩寺森林公园

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May flowers, Hongensi Pavilion, photo opportunities

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Located in Jiangbei District, is a park suited on a mountain (very Chongqing, isn't it?). Hongensi Pavilion, which has seven floors, features the highest observation point in downtown at an altitude of about 468 meters, where you can spot 6 main districts including Yuzhong, Jiangbei, Nan'an, Shapingba, Yubei and the north new area.


Tickets: free 免费
Opening time: 8:30-18:00
Address: Hongen Road, Jiangbei 江北区鸿恩路
Getting there: take bus 847 to Hongensi Park

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