Recommended apps for food


In China, ordering food online (wài mài) is part of daily life. Staying at home or in the office without going out, all you need is just a phone and the delivery comes straight to you. Now during the current Covid-19 epidemic online ordering is becoming much more popular. Lots of restaurants and bars have their business online. So here we are: check out this list of expat friendly restaurants that deliver food to your door.

Recommended apps for food

We have several apps for food delivery, including restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Let’s get you started:

Mei tuan 美团

Highly recommended
Check out the instruction
(How to use meituan app)

Eleme 饿了么

Very similar to meituan

JD 京东到家

Online supermarket

Freshippo 盒马鲜生

Fresh seafood, imported goods

Yong hui 永辉生活

Online supermarket

Choices for Expats

- Nanou Tapa 南欧塔帕 -

Spanish / Find on Meituan / 13883460522 / Yubei

- Brewport 埠口精酿 -

Craft beer, steak, barbecue / Scan to order / Nan'an

- Familia 爱舍梵美里墨西哥餐厅 -

Mexican / Find on Meituan / Raffles

- Subway 赛百味 -

Burger / Find on Meituan

- Krusta 酷食塔 -

American, burger / Find on Meituan / Jiangbei

- Yuanqi Sushi 元气寿司 -

Japanese / Find on Meituan / Jangbei Paradise Walk Daping Paradise Walk

- 奈九居酒屋 -

Japanese / Find on Meituan / Jiulongpo, Yubei

- ilucky 艾拉提轻食 -

Salad / Find on Meituan / Yuzhong

- Burger King 汉堡王 -

Burger / Find on Meituan, eleme

- Lazy dog -

American / 13983899375 / Find on Meituan / Daping

- Hops 立吞精酿 -

Craft beer / 18680805109 / Find on Meituan / Yuzhong

- Stay restaurant -

Salad, sandwich, pasta / Find on Meituan, eleme / Yubei

- Blee's 布林斯深盘披萨 -

Pizza / Find on Meituan, eleme / Yubei

- Light Kitchen 轻厨房 -

Salad, pasta / Find on Meituan /15023171157 Daxuecheng

Notice: Restaurant can not be found on Waimai app if your location is too far

Got trouble with ordering food online?

• If you have an allergy or just don’t like certain things Leave a message here

• If you don't speak Chinese, you can ask a Chinese friend for help, take some notes or learn basic words about ordering food.

Basic phrases that might help

No spicy - 不要辣椒 bú yào là jiāo
Add more spicy - 加辣 Jiā là

• Incoming call from the delivery guy?
Don't panic! He might be lost so just tell him you are in the spot shown on the phone.

Basic phrases that might help

I'm at 1803, building 2 - 我在2栋18楼3号 wǒ zài (building number) dòng (level) lóu (room number) hào

Take your time - 别急,你慢慢来 bié jí, nǐ màn man lái
One moment I'll pick it up - 请稍等,我来拿 qǐng shāo děng, wǒ lái ná

• Incoming call from the shop?

He might be calling to say things like: did you forget to order steamed rice? Or tell you that your item is not available, so just tell him you don't need it or you do forget about it, then you can either choose a replacement, choose some other items or ask for a refund.

Basic phrases that might help

I don't want rice - 我不要饭 wǒ bú yào fàn
I want rice - 加一碗饭 jiā yì wǎn fàn
Choose a replacement - 请换成其他的 qǐng huàn chéng qí tā de

What are your top 3 restaurants to order from online?

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