These Vietnamese Restaurants are def-pho-nitely worth a try!


1.PHO 東田越南粉

Jiangbeizui IFS 1F 江北嘴IFS1楼/Price: 100RMB 人均100元
/023-67657363/10:00-22:00/Enlish menu 英文菜单
/Take-Out 外卖

If you love pho, this is the right place for you! The menu is comprised of a dozen different pho options and we have to say, it dishes up the best pho in Chongqing. Located at IFS Jiangbeizui next to the Grand Theatre, this cozy and nice decorated place is def-pho-nitely worth a try! What's more, they serve up a wide selection of other tasty Vietnamese classics such as Vietnamese Chicken Wings, Spring Rolls and Vietnamese salad.


Cozy, quiet, suitable for a date night or fun evening with friends.

Menu 菜单

Here are some of their tasty dishes for you to try...

Vietnamese-style Water Spinach 越式空心菜

Commonly sauteed with chopped garlic, oil, and fish sauce, this is often served as a side dish in many meals. Crunchy and delicious.


Vietnamese Chicken Wings 越南鸡翅

This is a favorite finger food amongst locals in Vietnam. Sweet and sour flavours, it is hard to refuse once you get your hands on it! Recommended to eat with chili sauce for the full flavour experience.


Vietnamese Chicken Pho 鸡肉汤粉

A classic Vietnamese cuisine is the combination of rice noodles covered with sliced beef in a broth. Add the chopped chili pepper and side vegetable to your taste for a delicious meal.


Thai Milk Tea 泰式拉奶茶

Very smooth fresh tastes with a little sweetness; the perfect accompaniment to any Vietnamese meal.

Rate 推荐指数: ★★★★★

2.Pho Inn 粉里越南粉

Beichengtianjie No 46 (9th St.) 北城天街46号(九街)/Price: 50RMB 人均50元/11:00-02:00/Take-Out 外卖

Pho Inn is the number one Vietnamese dining option in Jiangbei, with exceptionally delicious food. It is a mini place but has a very relaxing atmosphere. As the name suggests, they offer an array of pho and other exciting, healthy and delicious authentic traditional Vietnamese foods. You'll definitely enjoy the classic spring rolls.


Try 推荐菜:

Spring rolls 越南春卷

Spring rolls. Filled with lots of ingredients like glass noodles and vegetables, they are served with a delicious Vietnamese dipping sauce.

Most surprisingly, a bar called Staff Room is hidden in the mini restaurant, so you can hit the bar after dining.


Rate 推荐指数: ★★★★

3.Saigon PHO 西贡

Yanghe Rd. (E.) No 9 洋河东路9号/Price: 50RMB 人均50元
/18682565113/11:30-21:00/Enlish menu 英文菜单

An absolute gem located in a very hidden place on a residential street. It's easy to miss, but the food is really good, the pho cheers up a dull day and the staff are lovely.


Menu 菜单

The outdoor area 室外就餐区

Interior 室内

Rate 推荐指数: ★★★★

Other Vietnamese restaurant worth a try:


Raffles City 5F 来福士5楼/Price: 90RMB 人均90元
/023-60333838/11:30-21:30/Enlish menu 英文菜单


ShinKong Place 5F 新光天地5楼/Price: 50RMB 人均50元
/023-63088388/11:00-21:00/Enlish menu 英文菜单
/Take-Out 外卖


Dongyuan 1891 C 3F 东原1891C馆3楼
/Price: 60RMB 人均60元/18323878880/11:00-21:30/Take-Out 外卖

How to eat pho?

Pho is a typical Vietnamese dish - a noodle soup packed with your choice of sliced beef, pork, chicken or meat balls, lime juice, chili sauces and various fragrant greens. It is delicious, hearty and satisfying.


Step 1

Sip the broth, and stir the noddles

Step 2

Squees the lime juice into the broth, put the greens in

Step 3

Add the chopped chili pepper to your taste

Not spicy enough? Add more!!

Step 4

Dip the beef(or other meat) in special sauce

Step 5 Enjoy

Have you been to any of these restaurants? Any others to recommend? Let us know in the comments!


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