Cómo estás? Want a taste of Spain? | 不用出国,也能吃到地道西班牙大餐!


By Arlet Galvan

Arlet Galvan

A graduate of Spanish language and specialised in teaching Spanish as a foreigner language. She has been living and working two years in Chongqing, loves reading, writing and have a walk around the Yangtze River.

Spanish culture

Spanish culture is one of the richest on the planet, with thousands of years of history. You can find a great diversity of elements, from the exciting Flamenco, an art that combines a sensual dance with singing, declared a cultural heritage by UNESCO - right through to the fun La Tomatina festival where people from all over the world come to throw tomatoes at each other in a giant fight!


Spanish food

The typical cuisine of Spain is characterized by its mix of spices and the combination of different tastes. One of the most popular dishes is paella, made from seafood, rice, saffron and olive oil.


While you enjoy such delicacies, you can accompany the meals with a Spanish wine or with the famous sangria, a mixture of wine with fruit, which is hard not to love!


Spain is also home to the special gastronomic concept of Las Tapas. This dish is made up of small portions of food that are shared before starting with the main dishes. You can share these little delicacies with your friends, partner or family and they are perfect accompanied by a fresh beer, wine or soft drink.


Dos Cielos in English mean two skies, and it is where you will arrive after your palate tastes such magnificent flavors! If you close your eyes while you savor the tasty food, you can almost feel the laughter of the people of the famous Ramblas street in Barcelona or the water from the fountain in the famous Madrid Park.

Dos Cielos的意思是 "two sky",这家餐厅绝对是西班牙美食的天堂,品尝一口美味,仿佛一秒置身于巴塞罗那的兰布拉大道,或是马德里公园的喷泉池旁。

Dos Cielos invites you to enjoy this exotic experience in Chongqing. You will be able to enjoy traditional Spanish food in a restaurant located on an exclusive rooftop and all its walls are glazed offering incredible views. You can also access its terrace and garden where you can prepare special events customized to your needs; you're always at the heart!


In this adventure you will be accompanied by the chief chef Hans, who graduated from the University of Barcelona (La universidad de Barcelona, Wine Making Engineering), and owned a restaurant in Spain for eight years. Hans has trusted Shirry, the restaurant manager, who has lived in Spain for six years and traveled to 21 European countries, to help you and advise you on everything you need and make your experience in the restaurant unforgettable.


You'll experience the new concept open kitchen concept, to watch in front of you how the house specialities are prepared; it is an incredible live show.


Dos Cielos is not just a restaurant, it is a place where you can enjoy authentic Spanish gastronomy in the hands of the best professionals, surrounded by an exclusive environment designed to make your experience a magical memory.

Can you afford to miss out?!

Dos Cielos,专注于西班牙美食的烹饪于创新,为你打造非凡的美食体验,快来尝试一下!😋

Dos Cielos 西班牙餐厅

Address 地址: 4F, Carp Pond 42, Jiangbei (Elevator A1/A2) 江北区鲤鱼池42号4楼天台(商场A1/A2直达电梯)

Tel 电话: 17772423019

Opening hours 营业时间: 11:30-14:30 17:30-22:00

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