What is the situation in Chongqing?


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On Feb 24th, Dr Xiong Yu, Associate Chief Physician of Chongqing Center For Disease Control and Prevention, said at the press conference of the prevention and control of the COVID-2019 epidemic in Chongqing, that the recent epidemic data in Chongqing has shown fluctuations and is becoming stable; citizens have no need to panic.

From 12am-12pm of February 25, there was reported 0 new confirmed cases of new coronavirus in Chongqing, while 23 cases were recovered and discharged.

The same thing was noted on February 27, which is the second day that Chongqing has zero new confirmed cases, and the number of cured cases continues to increase. Chongqing is getting safer and safer.

CQ Districts: Level at Risk

High (9): Yuzhong, Jiangbei, Nan'an, Jiulongpo, Shapingba, Dadukou, Yubei, Ba'nan, Wanzhou

Medium (20): Beibei, Bishan, Fuling, Youyang, Tongliang, Rongchang, Kaizhou, Wuxi, Shizhu, Chongqing High-tech Area, Wushan, Liangjiang New Area, Zhongxian, Yunyang, Changshou, Fengjie, Qijiang, Hechuan, Tongnan, Chongqing Economic Development Area

Low (13): Jiangjin, Yongchuan, Dazu, Wansheng Economic Development Area, Liangping, Dianjiang, Fengdu, Nanchuan, Chengkou, Pengshui, Qianjiang, Wulong, Xiushan

You Might Want to Know

Will I get quarantined once I get to China?

Whether you are travelling domestically between provinces in China, or arriving in China from abroad, you might stay at home for 14 days.

What is the public transport situation in Chongqing?

• Local buses: running regularly ✓ (sightseeing bus not included)

• Metro: running regularly between 06:30-22:30✓

• Taxi: running regularly and easily available✓(a phone number registration system has been applied in taxis during the epidemic control period. Using mobile payment will get you registered automatically. For non-mobile payment, you need to scan the code to register - find the QR code in the taxi. The system only asks for your phone number, no other information included.)

• Car-hailing: running regularly and easily available ✓

• Cruise: not running ✘

Where can I seek medical advice?

• Raffles Hospital (24 hours)

023-8600 6999 For Chinese please dial 1 for English dial 2


• Global Doctor (24 hours)
Emergency number: 023-63085550
English, Spanish & Chinese

Where can I order food(wai mai)?


If you want to buy imported food:

Metro Nanping

Metro Jiulongpo

Metro Yubei

Ole Jiefangbei

Ole Guanyinqiao

Ole MixC

Hope you are doing fine and welcome back to Chongqing.

Please take notice of local travel advice and the travel advice of your nation’s government when travelling to China.

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