24-hour Self-service Library Has Opened in Nan’an

24th July 2018



Have you thought there is a library with the assessable transportation and not closing all day?

Located in landmark riverside park, Nan’an district. You can enjoy reading while seeing the beautiful view of the river. What’s the most important is it’s totally free for citizens in 24 hours.

Besides 24 hour self-services, it’s an unmanned, fully intelligent and self-service library, and citizens can enter by scanning the ID card. All the books in there can be borrowed by citizens.

The collect books from there are come from Nan’an library, in order to meet the needs of readers. It has been classified into several sections as natural science, social science, literature and fine art and children’s literature. The adult books are account for 80% and the children books are account for 20% of all the books there respectively.

Though its an unmanned library, it will regularly maintain and adjust the books according to the borrowing situation.

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