24-hour Urban Library Unveiled in Eling Testbed 2

24th August 2018


A good book warms our heart

A warm bookstore enriches a city

On 18th, August, the first 24-hour urban library of Yuzhong District opened at Eling Testbed 2, the Culture and Creation Park, which has drawn hundreds of citizens and tourists reading books there.


The urban library, with more than 2000 books in store, has been built jointly by Yuzhong Library and the Dimi Homestay in Eling Testbed 2. There are automatic lending devices and spacious reading zone, providing 24 hours services for readers. Besides, there is a 24-hour self-service registration machine for readers so that they can borrow and return when there is no stuff at service during night time.


The library sits inside the area of “Dimi” Homestay, and the books are provided by the Yuzhong District Library. There is no necessary cost within the area and is open to public for 24hours.


Tan Li, the sub-librarian of Yuzhong District library, said, “ our next move is to reform and establish more 24-hour urban libraries at the cultural centers of other areas in Yuzhong district, so that more readers can enjoy convenient and effective reading services”.



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