6 destinations to discover Chongqing's best scenery in early Summer

26th June 2018



June is a romantic season, marking the arrival of summer in Chongqing, but the temperature is not as hot as we expected. So, before the summer heat comes barreling down on us, we have decided to show you some of the hottest destinations Chongqing.



Nanchuan Grand View Garden

If you want to find free tickets to enjoy vervains and roses, this is the place to go and June is the perfect month to see the flowers blooming here. You can also taste roasted rose pancakes for a reasonable price.

Route: Main city-Yu-xiang high way-off the high high atWulong Rhino village Daguan- Vanilla garden- Rose garden



Banan district, Carp Island on South Lake

In June, the temperature in Chongqing still hasn't reached its peak, making this the best time to go to enjoy an early summer day at the lake, which is located in the mountainous area, where pine and cypress provide ample. pleasant shade. When it comes to summer, you can smell the summer lotus and enjoy the breeze from the lake. You can even camp on Carp Island, which is located in the middle of the lake.

Route: Main city-inner ring high way- Baomao High way-Nanpeng interway-nanpeng town-(south lake) Nanhu



Tong liang, Tuqiao enjoy the lotus and tea drinking

When it comes to summer, there is one flower we can’t forget - the Lotus. Tuqiao town, located in Tong Liang, is famous for being the biggest lotus garden in Southwest China. In June, you can wander around the gardens or enjoy the unbelievable scenery by boat. For some people, drinking tea and eating lotus food is also a good choice for them.

Route: Main city-off the highway at Tongliang highway-out of northern gate -Tong da road-Tuqiao town



4. Yubei district, Xinglong town

Known as the largest waxberry base in the main city, Xinglong town holds a waxberry festival each June that features a variety of activities for visitors. You can also breathe the fresh air and enjoy yourself here.

Route: Main city- air express way- Konggang road-Xinglong town



Wulong Rhino village

Located above the five karst caves, this is one of the best preserved ancient villages in china and, even today, you can still feel its original status. Here you can see the traditional architecture style “Diaojiaolou,” hillside houses on stilts along the mountain, and its rich tourist resources, including forests, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, and more…and June is the perfect time to visit.

Route : Main-city-fairy mountain-Three natural bridges-walnut village-fairy lake- rhino village.



Nan’an Botanical Garden

In summer, the flower most worth seeing is the sunflower, so why not head to the Nan Shan Botanical Garden to check it out? Once there, not only you can see some of the rarest species of sunflowers, but you can also admire its beauty.

Route: Maincity-Chongwen Road- Nanshan park Road-Nan Shan Botanical Garden

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