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20th December 2017

Hot Spring Tour


Chongqing is honored as "World’s Capital of Hot Spring", extremely rich in hot spring resources. But so far, only three hot spring enterprises in Chongqing get the highest rating in the field of hot springs - five-star hot springs.


Ronghui Hot Springs - the only national urban leisure hot springs.

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Located in Shapingba, Ronghui Hot Spring Resort is the only urban hot spring project in China that integrates open-air hot spring, indoor spa, hot spring water park and SPA.


Bathing culture, traditional Chinese medicine and health culture, Germany spa culture, European spa culture and the essence of Japanese Tangzhi culture...Ronghui Hot Spring is a blend of innovation, through "six sense" design, creating a harmonious environment combined with "body, mind and soul”.

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It is originated from a natural hot spring of 1,800 meters below the ground, abound in biomimetic and metaboric acid, fluorine and strontium medical hot mineral water, belonging to the calcium sulfate spring. It has a high auxiliary effect on diseases of the skin, nervous system and motor system.


While enjoying the pleasures of the hot springs, tourism, leisure, dining, entertainment, all needed for your daily life is available.


Traffic Guidance:
Walking about 35 minutes from the Three Gorges Square to Ronghui Hot Spring.
Choose Ronghui Hot Springs, Ronghui Hot Spring 1, Ronghui Hot Spring Center, Shapingba Primary School as bus terminals.


Longshui Lake Hot Spring - the only lakeside hot spring in western region

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Dazu Longshui Lake Resort is located in Dazu. Longshui Lake Hot Spring is one of the hottest natural hot springs in Chongqing and the only lakeside hot spring in western China.


The hot spring is divided into health spa area, water fun area, love hot spring area, Zen hot spring area, private soup area... a total of 68 special soup pools and soup house. Hot spring water is rich in metasilicate, metaboric acid, metaphosphoric acid, free carbon dioxide and other 30 kinds of trace elements, which have a certain treatment and Health effects for human nervous system, circulatory system, endocrine system, motor system, cardiovascular system, epidermal tissue, etc.

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Traffic Guidance:
Chengjiaping Bus Station -- Longshuihu Scenic Area
Price: 34 RMB
Chongqing Bus Staion -- Longshuihu Scenic Are
Price: 41 RMB

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