A Strange Building

Not Strange at all in Chongqing

23th January 2018



One of the reasons why modern buildings are reaching to the sky closer and closer day after day is the genius invention of elevator. What’s the point if people have to climb to the top of Buji Khalifa Tower instead of taking the exceedingly elevator?

A Strange Building-1

The highest building in the world - Buji Khalifa, Dubai


However, universal principles in construction industry often confront Waterloo in Chongqing, a magic yet fantasy 8-dimension metropolis. Recently, a video about “24-story buildings without elevator in Chongqing”spreads wildly online, making the building a net celebrity within one night. Climbing 24 stories is already beyond our imagination, not to mention it’s equipped with 3 exits which lead to 3 different streets.

A Strange Building-2

The first exit on first floor is covert, leading to Wanglongmen bus station.

A Strange Building-3

There’s a platform on tenth floor, leading to Baixiang Rd.


According to a tour guide, the building lies beside Baixiang(White Elephant) Hotel and under the foot of Changbin Rd.“You can see it on the way of Yangtze River Cableway, only dozens of meters away from the cableway. Every I take tourists to ride on cableway I will introduce them the building. They’re always confused by how folks live in a 24-story building without elevator.”

A Strange Building-4

The fifteenth floor is equal to East Jiefangbei Rd. From: Hello Chongqing


A quick collection about other magic constructions in CQ?


Pass through the building - Liziba railway station


In Yuzhong District, Metro Line 2 Liziba station "cross" the residential building. The 1st to 5th floors are shops, the 6th to the 8th floors in the middle are the rail transit areas, and the 9th to 19th floors are residential.

A Strange Building-5


The most complicated overpass - Huangjuewan Interchange


The Huangjuewan Interchange in Nan’an District contains a total of 5 floors and 15 ramps connected with different directions. Netizen tease that: "Get off from one wrong ramp means a day trip of Chongqing."

A Strange Building-6


Rooftop road - cars run speedily on the roof


It’s a road within a housing estate in Nanbin Rd, Nan’an District, and echoes with the downstairs main road Begonia Creek Street.

A Strange Building-7


Wayward platform bridge - cross the building


One end of the bridge is located in one side of the Danyanggou Police Station in Yuzhong District, the other end directly connects with the Xinlong Garden A Building, 13th Floor. It’s about 40 meters from the ground, 2 meters in width, and about 30 meters long.

A Strange Building-8


Wave Road- Drive like riding roller coaster


The Wavy Road is located in a logistics park in Ba’nan District, lying on a slope.

A Strange Building-9

From: Hello Chongqing


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