Always Online: Chongqing Hotpot Serves at Midnight

30th August 2018


Having overtime work or just coming out from a bar at midnight, guess your stomach is howling for something to eat. Have no choice but to go to street stands? No, you can go to hotpot restaurant as well.

Yuzong Laozao Hotpot (Huangnibang)


Having a history of more than 10 years, the Yuzong Laozao Hotpot can be considered the king of Hotpots. It carries many memories of Chongqing people, who come by at midnight to share their daily happy or sorrowful stories with their friends. And when cups of beers swallowed their days are also perfectly put to an end.

It is always crowded at midnight in the hotpot restaurant, where was only 12 tables from the start. The owners are a couple, and they have successfully turned the small restaurant into chained restaurants. A large number of local and foreign hotpot lovers were surprised by its spicy soup and fresh specialties.


The boiled meat slices are especially recommended for they are carefully selected and are fragrant. Whether you are returning or picking up with a friend from other places, you can go to the hotpot, which is always waiting for you until 2:30 in the morning.
Address:No. 122, Zikang Road, Yubei District
Tel: ( 023)67081223

Dahu Hotpot (Jiangbei)

This hotpot was once famous for its spicy flavor, and also its thick buttery oil is tempting. Most of the hotpot lovers coming there are young people who are staying up late. Every day, regardless of the weekday or weekend, many people is queuing up from 5:00 p.m., and 1-2 hours is normal for the waiting of eating the hot pot!


The dishes here are all served in small bowls and the recommended dishes are spicy beef liver, duck blood and fried crispy meat. The spicy beef liver was mixed with eggs, making the taste quite delicate, which is highly recommended.

Address:No.1, No.56, Yanghe Road (opposite to Postal Savings Bank of China) Tel: 02367025743

Chao Hotpot (Jinyuan)


Chao Hotpot, opened on the first floor of the Guanyinqiao Jinyuan Sleepingless City, has been open for five consecutive years and has also gone viral for its specialty: Chaojiao beef, which excels in Chongqing's hotpot with strong fragrance and good taste.


The characteristic small liver is also fresh and crisp, and it is a quite large dice. What’s more, the peanut buds and other specialties include Zhe’ergen, black tofu curd and beef liver are also recommended.


Address:Near Jinyuan Hotel,Jinyuan Sleepingless City, Jianxin South Road, Guanyin Bridge, Jiangbei District
Tel: 13368319281

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