Arts Festival of Windmill Science opened in Wulong

17th July 2018


Recently, the first Arts Festival of Windmill Science opened in Heshun Town, Wulong District. 58 electric windmills and 100,000 small windmills wooden forest, temples and stars which make the town a fairy tale world, led to the memory of childhood.

Waiting for the winds to bring the cool summer

Heshun Town is located in Danzi Mountain with an average elevation of 1200 meters whose top stand 58 large windmills, which known as the romantic “Eastern Holland”, and also as the first wind power plant in southwest area.

With the average altitude of 1200Meters, which located in mountain Danzi, The scenic spot can attract a large number of tourists in summer to enjoy the coolness and beautiful bamboo scenery.


On 13th July, The first Arts Festival of Windmill Science is hold in Heshun Town, Wulong this year. A total of 100,000 windmills in different styles are set along the town as well as 58 large windmills, they are dressing up the whole windmill town, which brings romance of wind and coolness from Heshuan town in this brightest Summer.



等風來 旋轉出倍兒清涼



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