Ayi River Canyon Music Festival Is Waiting for you!

29th September 2018



Ayi River, blessed with natural scenery of the earth, combined with music and art is about to solemnly showcase a grand natural and music feast on October 2nd "Ayi River Canyon Music Festival". This National Holiday, let’s have a romantic date with nature and music!

Distinctive Ayi Canyon with beautiful sound and grandeur waterfall


Ayi River Scenic Sports is located in the "World Miao Ethic Township of Yang Pengshui". It offers high-quality tour project and excellent service so that it was entitled as one of the national 5A level scenic spots in October 2016. There you can go sightseeing, experience folk customs, participate water sports and take adventures, and also, this time join the music festival.


This "Ayi River Canyon Music Festival", known as the absolute music of nature, will officially kick off on October 2nd in the Pengshui Ayi River Scenic Spot in Chongqing. The Festival can be said to be one of the most expected music events for travelers and music lovers, which will become another typical activity for Chongqing and the best way to show the Ayi River culture again.


The most desirable thing for this Ayei Canyon Music Festival is its sounds. There are famous singers and music band jointly playing music, and also the combination of folk song and popular one will create a unique effect, so excited to hear that!


The guest performer invited is the “Traveler” Band, which was founded in 2008, known as an independent music brand with its cross-border combination of Western-style nomadic temperament, land roots, free improvisation and World Fusion.


The folk songs need to be heard because they can enlighten our minds. That’s why the song of “Jiao Ayi”always echoes between the canyons. The Canyon Music Festival will also invite famous Ayi ethic singer Ren Maoshu from Peng Shui to sing the "Jiao Ayi". Ren is designated to preserve and Passover the intangible cultural heritage of Miaojia folk song and her songs are clean and beautiful with distinctive characteristics.

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本次邀請的表演嘉賓有創立于2008年的【旅行者樂隊】,它是一個極具西域遊牧氣質、土地根源、自由即興與世界音樂(World Fusion)跨界組合及獨立音樂品牌,樂團專注於多元化民族跨界融合音樂創作、製作及演出交流,歷屆成員均為國內知名獨立音樂人。



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