Best Destinations for Flying Kites
In Chongqing

20th March 2018


With the feeling of spring in the air, don’t you want to fly a kite? Let’s fly kites on a fine day at these recommended places!



Central Park


Covering an area of 1.53 square meters, Central Park highlights the unique style and features of Chongqing landscape. It is free of admission and lots of people will have an outing, take a walk and ride bikes there. Though there are many trees, there are large lawn spaces that are perfect for flying kites.


Bus route: Take Line 10 directly to Central Park Station.


The square of Chongqing Grand Theater


When seeing it from a distance it seems that there is no large green area surrounding the Theater. But actually, there are two large lawns. One is in front of the Theater and the other is by the riverside near the Theater, and both of them are flat and suitable for flying kites.


Bus route: Take Line 6 directly to Grand Theater Station.


Zhaomu Mountain Forest Park


Zhaomu Mountain is a small mountain located at the center of the New North Zone, with gently rolling topography. The air is quite fresh on the mountaintop and attracts many people every weekend. There is a large lawn on the mountaintop, suitable for flying kites and camping. Since the lawn on the mountaintop may be sloping, please be careful when flying kites.


Bus route: Take Bus 878 to the Zhaomu Mountain.


Nanbin Road


Called the “Bund of Chongqing”, Nanbin Road is a long road, great for viewing the beautiful scenery along the riverside and a destination for shutterbugs. The Nanbin and Haitang Yanyu Parks there are also tourist attractions. The road is flat and wide and attracts many people to fly kites every spring. Since it is at the riverside with a good breeze, kites can fly higher.


Bus route: Take Bus 375 to the Nanbin Road Bridge; take Bus 338, 353 or 373 to Xiaoyue Lukou of Nanbin Road; or take Bus 872 to Meishijie (Food Street) of Nanbin Road.


Riverside under Shimen Bridge


There are several large river beaches at the wharf under Shimen Bridge. Close to river, it is the best place for camping, barbecuing and flying kites. On the weekends, you may go there to fly kites and have barbecue with friends.


Bus route: Take Bus 166 or 181 to the station near Shimen Bridge.


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