Best Season For Orange!

SPicking Orange In Chongqing

2th January 2018



北碚金果園是國家2A級旅遊景區,占地300畝, 是西南地區最大的果園之一。 果園裏有40多類水果, 春夏有桃、李、枇杷、葡萄,秋冬有柑桔, 四季皆花,四時有果

Beibei Golden Orchard(Jinguo Yuan)

Beibei Golden Orchard is a national level 2A tourist attraction, covering 300 acres. It is one of the largest orchards in Southwest China. There are more than 40 kinds of fruits in the orchard, In spring and summer you can pick peach, plum, loquat, grapes oranges are for autumn and winter, Therefore, flowers blossom and ripe fruits can be found all the year around.

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地址:澄江鎮縉雲村20號 自駕:蘭海高速—雲開路—北泉路—金果園 公交:地鐵6號線到北碚站下——公交510/511/518到電鍍廠下車——步行700米即到達 車程:45分鐘 入園費:30元,進園免費吃 採摘價格:冰糖桔3元一斤 蜜桔2元一斤

Address: No.20th Jinyun Village Chengjiang Town Drive: Lanhai Expressway - Yunkai Road - Beiquan Road - Golden Orchard(45 minutes) Bus: Take Line 6 to Beibei Station - Take bus 510/511/518 and get off at Diandu Chang (electroplating factory) - Walk for 700 meters Admission fee: 30 yuan, free to eat in the park Picking price: 3 yuan/jin for ice candy oranges and 2 yuan/jin for honey oranges


柑橘基地距離統景鎮大概10分鐘的車程, 山間小路,空氣好而且路邊村落風景不錯。 橘林分佈密集,一片一片的, 採摘時並不可以隨便吃

Yubei Tongjing Town Orange Basement

The basement is about 10-minute drive from Tongjing Town. Mountain paths, fresh air and roadside village scenery. Orange forest densely distributed, one group after another Visitors are not allowed to eat for free during picking

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地址:統景鎮中和村柑橘基地 自駕:內環快速——渝鄰高速——草統路——石龍路 車程:1小時 入園費:免費 採摘價格:2元一斤 摘果電話:13883975252 李伯伯

Address: Zhonghe Village Orange Basement Tongjing Town Drive: Inner Ring Expressway - Yuling Expressway - Caotong Road - Shilong Road (1 hour) Admission fee: free Picking price: 2 yuan/jin Contact: 13883975252 (Uncle Lee)


院子的血橙在樹上色澤鮮麗透亮, 就如一個個小燈籠似的掛滿了枝頭

Old Road (Gulu) Town Liu’s Yard Orchard

Bright and translucent blood oranges hanging in the tree, Like little lanterns fully covered branches,

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地址:渝北區古路鎮劉家院子 自駕:機場路——空港或空港東收費站——渝鄰高速路——王家站下道,下道右行至銀花村 車程:1小時 入園費:免費 採摘價格:5-8元一斤 摘果電話:陳 建 13320225966

Address: Liu’s Yard Old Road Town Yubei Drive: Airport Road - Konggang or Konggangdong toll station - Yuling Expressway - Take off at Wangjia station, drive right way to Yinhua Village (1 hour) Admission fee: free Picking price: 5-8 yuan/jin Contact: 13320225966 (Chen Jian)


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