Best Time For Having a Picnic
in Chongqing

12th March 2018


In such a vibrant spring, are you thinking of having a picnic with family and friends? Hang on! Let’s see which locations are best for a picnic.



Ciqikou riverside of Jialing River

Ciqikou covers a large area on the beach and is easy to get to. Though laid by slate block, it’s not a problem for grills. The Ciqikou Ancient Town is situated at the rear, it would be a pleasant choice walking around in the town after full-bellied bliss.



Babin Road Wetland Park

Surrounded by beautiful landscape here, you could make a barbecue or fly a kite, or take a stroll in the park with family, and those with a lover could bask in the sunshine and enjoy the breeze by the riverside. Transportation is convenient and parking is free here. Besides barbecue, hot pot, mahjong and camping are available as well.


Barbecue Area in the Tieshanping Camping Base


The Tieshanping Camping Base is tree-lined and has fresh air. The barbecue area here is big enough for up to sixty people. A variety of farm stays nearby makes this place a good choice for family trip.


Jiangbeizui river bank

Lots of great fishermen always gather here. If you lucky enough, you could gather lunch on the spot. The gentle river breeze brings ease of mind, I believe, and a glance at the river could bring you a good appetite.


Underneath the Shimen Bridge

There are several overflow lands near the wharf beneath the access road of the Jinsha Gangwan section next to Shabin Road. In case of an unsuccessful barbecue, you could still enjoy yourself in the restaurant in Jinsha Gangwan, which is nearby.


Daxuecheng (University Town) Lianhua Lake

Get off at Zengjia Sation after the bypass highway, and reach Lianhua Lake, Hufeng Mountain Scenic Spot with the help of the signposts along the road. Dikes and banks along the lake are suitable for setting up your barbecue, and roaster renting is available.


Jiangyongcuidi Park

The park is as beautiful as a colorful fairy tale world from the beautiful cole flowers and cherry blossoms along Babin Road. Enjoy the leisure time while preparing food by hand for a picnic on the riverside. Riding a bike or flying a kite can make it a fun afternoon for the family.


Shengtian Lake


Not far from downtown, the Shengtian Lake, situated in Beibei District, is adjacent to the Pianyan Ancient Town and Jindao Gorges. There are fascinating natural sceneries, such as the ancient town, lake, gorges and mountain..... The Dicui Gorge caters to a picnic most. We cross the lake by boat to the valley, photo taking, camping, boating, fishing, having a breath of fresh air......have as much fun as you wish!


Keep this list of picnic locations; enjoy the bright spring together with family and friends by going “on the road” for fun and feasting.


From: Hello Chongqing

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