Breathtaking View: Watching Sunrise in Guanjian Mountain

30th August 2018


An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening
People would always like to put their hope in the morning
For cloud and sun are always coming into our sight in the moment


At the transition of spring and autumn, the view of cloud sea in Gujian Mountain is extremely impressive and breathtaking. It is not only awakens the earth but also nourishes everything in nature, in which you can find beautiful scenery is scattered everywhere and everything is full of vigor in Gujian Mountain.

The sun arises slowly from the east, and two lions sitting in the Yang Bridge of Guanjian Mountain are waiting for the first beam from the sun.


As the sun rises higher and higher and the early morning mist floats everywhere, various locks locked tightly on the Yang Bridge are partly hidden and partly visible, making everything mysterious and enchanting.

The rays of sunshine break through layers of the mist and unveil the real appearance of Gujian Mountin, which boasts the reputation of mountain embraced by cloud sea.

It makes the scene more poetic with brilliant sunshine and permeated morning mist. And then the upper mountain and the lower temple begin to welcome a brandnew day.


Sunshine, tents, footpath way, grasslands make a striking contrast with the morning mist in the far distance. The national standard camp base in Gujian Mountain is starting their busy day.


The first ray of sunshine is gradually greeting its day, and visitors are interpreting the “Art of Zin” of Gujian Mountain with a pious heart.

How to get there

Take a coach bus to Qijiang from Chongqing Chengnan Bus Station or Nanping Bus Station, and take No. 103 bus to Nanzhou Park (Qijiang Linyuan), then take a bus to Jigongzui.

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