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20th August 2018


Qijiang Huaba


Qijiang Huaba is located in the junction of the Sichuan Basin and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, at the altitude of 1200 - 1500 meters. This altitude is the most suitable height for summering and cooling. The Huaba is regarded as the “Shangri-La” of Chongqing, and you can put up a tent and enjoy the beauty of sunset and stars at night. What a romantic thing it is!

Recommendation: ★★★☆☆
Address: Wanlong Village, Shijie Town, Qijiang District(綦江石壕镇万隆村)
Distance from the downtown: 154.9km
1.Bus:Take bus in Chengjiaping/Shapingba Bus Station to Qijiang Bus station, and then take shuttle bus at the Station to Qijiang Huaba
2.Self-driving route: Chongqing - Banan (Guizhou-Chongqing Expressway) - Qijiang – Datong - Shihao Town - Zhangshiba –New Wanlong - Old Wanlong - Huaba Scenic Area

Jindaoxia Forest & Sports Park


Jindaoxia Forest & Sports Park is near to Jindaoxia Scenic Spot, where the temperature is 5-7℃lower than that of Beibei District. It is the typical forest camping place. And it is a good place for heat-relieving camping due to the lush green trees and fresh air. There is the Pianyan Ancient Town nearby the park. Except for camping, you can visit the Ancient Town, play in the water, pick fruit and do other interesting things.

Recommendation: ★★★★☆
Address: Jindaoxia Scenic Spots, Jindaoxia Town, northeast of Beibei District, Chongqing(重庆市北碚区东北部华蓥山西南麓)
Distance from the downtown: 100km
1. Take the Subway Line 6 to Beibei, and then take bus in Beibei Bus Station to Jindaoxia Scenic Spots
2.Self-driving route: Ring Expressway - Shuitu High-Tech Industrial Park - Yunhan Avenue - Tainongyuan (Beijin Road) - Jindaoxia – Jindaoxia Forest & Sports Park

Beibei Dicui Gorge


Beibei Dicui Gorge, one of the Little Three Gorges, is very close to Shengtian Lake. There is blessed with beautiful environment and pleasant scenery with bamboo forests, ancient trees, waterfalls. There are many camping places with different sizes, where you can buy food in the Pianyan Ancient Town and put them in water to cool when you get to the camping place. There are crabs in the river ditch and you can cook a bowl of tomato soup with bamboo tube.

Recommendation: ★★★☆☆
Address: Pianyan Ancient Town,Beibei District, Chongqing(重庆市北碚区偏岩古镇附近)
Distance from the downtown: 519km
Route:(Better drive to there)
Self-driving route: Beibei - Ring Expressway - Shuitu Hutong off - Pianyan Ancient Town - Shengtian

Tieshanping Forest Park


Tieshanping Forest Park is one of main natural parks in Chongqing, which has an excellent name as “Meadow in the Starry Night”. The camping base covers a large area as the concentrated camping area where you can play what you want like honorable person CS, singing and dancing, playing game and barbecue. What’s more, you can go to the observation pavilions and archaistic walkways of Tieshanping Forest Park along the way. How pleasant it is!

Recommendation: ★★★★☆
Address: Tieshanping, Jiangbei District, Chongqing
1. Just take the Bus No.813 to Tieshanping
2. Self-driving route: Inner Ring Expressway - Tangjiatuo - Tieshanping (There are signs along the way.)(内环-唐家沱-铁山坪(沿途有指示牌))



自駕路線:重慶—巴南(黔渝高速)—綦江—趕水鎮(高速收費站下道)—打通—石壕鎮— 獐獅壩—新萬隆—老萬隆—花壩景區








鐵山坪森林公園是重慶近嶺的主要天然公園之一,其露營基地名為“草野星空”,光聽名字就很美。露營基地有規劃出較大面積的集中露營區域,可以供你盡情玩耍,打真人cs、唱歌跳舞、做小遊戲、燒烤等,都有足夠的空間。此外,鐵山坪森林公園裡的觀景亭和仿古棧道在沿途可見,走走停停,好不愜意。 自駕路線:內環-唐家沱-鐵山坪(沿途有指示牌)

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