Chill Nanshan

17th July 2018


In July , the weather of Chongqing changes quickly. The best thing to do is to search for a cool place to kill time during the hot summer days.

If you want to escape the summer heat, try Nan’shan. With tons of home-stays scattered throughout the woods, the houses are surrounded by lush vegetation, covering the area and providing some welcome shade.


If you want to get back the woods but don’t want to travel too far, this is the best place for you.


The busy city people come here to wash the tiredness from their heart due with the scenic views. The undulating mountain range and rich culture of Nan’shan refresh and relax. Entering this home-stay, gives people a feeling of Zen.

Standing on the platform The city is blocked by the beautiful mountains On clear days the Dongshuimen Bridge may be seen indistinctly. At this time, you can feel that the city is either close at hand or an unreadable distance away. It seems like everything in the mountain can be touched.

Want to get away from CBD life, Why not stay at this delicate and rugged courtyard for several days?


Transformed from a commune into a beautiful home-stay, It looks comforting and agreeable. Everywhere is shows traces of times long past. Each room feels like an escape into the past, bringing you back to your roots.

The furniture is styled by the owner, Old wooden chairs, hangers, and vases giving it a rustic flair


All the original elements blend into the natural mountain scenery

Address: Aizi Park in Nan’shan park, Nan’an District, Chongqing city

Mirage Home-stay

The place to experience your ideal life in Nanshan, where you can find the most inner tranquility for your heart

This home-stay is an all transparent glasses structure, With a platform on the roof, perfect for viewing the beautiful landscape.

Address: No 24 North Road, Nanshan Park ,Nanshan Street, Nan’an District, Chongqing City


Nanlu Home-stay

Now may be the best time to live in the mountains. The Nanlu home-stay overlooks the quiet valley and forests, bringing to mind past glories.

Equipped with wide glass windows and a suspended terrace, you can see the luxuriantly green woods. The house is built along the mountain, overlooking the Nanshan area.


Address: Nan’shan park Bei Road,Nan’Shan Street, Nan’an District

Qingyunshanfang Home-stay

Qingyunshanfang Home-stay

Building a house, painting various plants, and brewing good wine. Its a place for you to hear the birds chirping and the bugs singing year round. Opening your eyes, you can enjoy the view of Nan’shan.

Opening the door of Home-stay, you are greeted by the fresh scent of mountain air. The home-stay is largely cobblestone, placed by the owner himself. The whole area is surrounded by an ornamental wooden fence, allowing you to get closer to the forest.

Address: about 50M of 035 country road (next to Ding Jia court), Nan’an District, Chongqing city


Nanzhishan Home-Stay

Its one of the most famous bookstores in Chongqing. Climb the stairs, and find this gem on Nanshan Mountain Sitting there, letting the peaceful presence of nature wash over you, you can look through the glass window to luxuriant green woods, letting your heart and mind unwind.

You can sleep surrounded by books and forests And let the soft summer breezes bring you the scent of the woods This summer, give yourself a treat and enjoy the outdoors. What are you waiting for?

Address No.128 North Road, Nanshan park, Nan’an District, Chongqing City


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