Chongqing Ranked Third in the List of “Bookstores in City”

27th August 2018



On August 26, Chongqing Daily News reporter learned from the 2018 Asian Bookstore Forum held in Chengdu that Chongqing, with 2,473 bookstores, ranked third in the list of “Bookstores in City” published by the forum.

It is said that the list of "Bookstores in City” is jointly published by the Books and Periodicals Distribution Association of China and Bookdao New Publishing Institute. From the rankings, reporter found that in addition to Chongqing, there are also cities such as Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Among them, Beijing ranked first with 6,719 bookstores, and Chengdu ranked second with 3,463 bookstores.

It is learned that the data source of the list is from the local book publishing associations, with a total of 27 provinces reported the data. The statistics is the number of retail outlets (stores) in the physical bookstore in 2017, including counties under the jurisdiction of the city.

“The development of the Sisyphe, Yanjiyou and other bookstores, as well as the rise of some local bookstores such as the Jingdian Bookstore has given Chongqing a strong reading atmosphere and a complete bookstore brand. Chongqing is catching Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities and now becomes the third-ranked city regarding the number of bookstores in the country", relevant staff working in the Municipal Culture Commission said.


In addition, the forum also released the “City Bookstore Focus Index” based on the total number of public readings, with Chongqing ranking fifth after Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

It is worth mentioning that Chongqing University Press, as the only publisher invited to the forum, has stood out among the many university presses in the country and won the Best Academy Publishing Award; Chongqing Local Bookstore Jingdian Bookstore was named the most unique bookstore in 2017.

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