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Chongqing National Forest Park Map

28th March 2018


More and more people are going for outings in the warm spring. When it comes to the sixth "International Forest Day", the Urban Planning Bureau and Forestry Bureau, together with Geographic Information Center specially launched the "Chongqing National Forest Park Map" to guide you to the best places to visit in the spring.



Chongqing is located in the transition zone between the second and third “step” of China. The complex terrain brings superior conditions for growth and conservation of forests. Based on abundant forest resources, 27 national forest parks have been built (including the National Karst Ecological Park of Shanwangping in Nanchuan, Chongqing). In this article, we will introduce some of them. Let's enjoy the small happiness brought by forests in the national parks of Chongqing.


Shuanggui Mountain National Forest Park, Fendu County



Shuanggui Mountain National Forest Park is located on the bank of the Yangtze River in the northwest of Fengdu County, facing Mingshan Mountain. Shuanggui Mountain is 401 meters high and covers an area of about one square kilometer. As early as 1992, Shuanggui Mountain was approved as a National Forest Park by the Ministry of Forestry. After several years of afforestation, there are more than 500,000 trees of different species on the mountain, more than 100 species of flowers, among them there are more than twenty species of rare trees. Various types of buildings, platforms, and pavilions are concealed in green trees and flower blusters. They are praised as precipitous, secluded, and ancient.


Ba’ergai National Forest Park, Youyang County



The Ba’ergai National Forest Park consists of three parts, namely the Sandaigou, Sunyan Canyon, and the Muye River. With the most pure ecological environment of a negative oxygen ion level of one class, it has primeval forests over 500 years old and the spectacular Sunyan Canyon. Throughout the year, there is a magnificent forest landscape for people here. It is a model of harmony between man and nature and is known as the "plant kingdom, natural oxygen bar."


Dayuandong National Forest Park, Jiangjin District



Dayuandong National Forest Park belongs to subtropics evergreen broad-leaf forest. The forest coverage has reached 95.4%. It is rich in animal and plant resources, among which there are over thirty species of plants that are under national protection. In addition to the forest landscape, the geological landscape of the park is also very distinctive. Red rock cliffs and high ranges vividly describe the Danxia landform of the park.

大圓洞國家森林公園屬於中亞熱帶常綠闊葉林帶,森林覆蓋率達到95.4%,動、植物資源豐富,其中有屬於國家重點保護的植物資源如桫欏、 鵝掌楸、福建柏、中華雙扇蕨等30餘種。除了森林景觀,園區的地質景觀也極具特色,紅岩絕壁、奇峰峭嶺把公園的丹霞地貌展現得淋漓盡致。

Qiaokouba National Forest Park, Ba’nan District



The Qiaokouba National Forest Park, with a total area of 7,690 hectares, is located in the town of Shengdeng Mountain, Ba'nan District. It features four scenic spots including Yunzhuan Mountain, Qiaokouba, Anlan and Shengdengshan. The elevation of the park ranges from 200 to 1064 meters, and the elevation of the mountain is between 500 and 800 meters. Among them, Yunzhuan Mountain Scenic Area is one of the old “twelve scenic spots in Bayu”, with the reputation of Yunzhuan Fengqing. Shengdengshan has many outstanding features and is known as the “Little Mount Emei in eastern Sichuan”.


Xuebao Mountain National Forest Park, Kaizhou District




Xuebao Mountain National Forest Park is located at the north of Kaizhou District. With abundant wild animal and plant resources, it is a complex forest park with diverse ecological characteristics and outstanding features. The park is world-renowned for the most concentrated and largest number of millennium cypresses, intact original vegetation and rare southern alpine meadows in southern China.

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