Come and enjoy the view of Hechuan Tongxi Old Wharf

24th July 2018


Hechuan, Chongqing, known as its name, with the rich rivers and many old wharfs with a long history in there. The Tongxi Old Wharf on the south bank of the Fujiang River is one of them. The old wharf of Tongxi originated from an old ferry named Tongxi Ferry, whose ancient name was “Anshun Ferry”. At that time, many pedestrians took on or off a boat here. The old ferry is on the north bank of Tongxi Ferry. A tributary named Laobao is here to join the Fujiang River. Therefore, Tongxi Ferry is also known as the “Ferry of Laobao Tributary”.


The quaint appeal of Hechuan Tongxi Old Wharf still exists, and its charm remains the same. (Photographed by Zhou Yun)

Weathered many years of storms and waves, the old wharf of Tongxi didn’t change in its nature. A bluestone stone stairway connected the old town and the wharf. Several old F. virens trees stand upright on the riverside. As the breeze blew through, the old trees made a sound of pattering, as if telling stories of the ancient ferry.

What’s different from the past is that ferries today are no longer the simple wooden boat, but a modernized ship that does not see sculls and arched awnings. In spite of this, the scenery of the Tongxi wharf and the beauty of the ferry still attract many people to visit.

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