Come and Meet These New "Members"
Flower Garden Mountain City

27th March 2018


If the landscaping of Chongqing’s urban districts is seen as a large garden, this spring, the area of the “garden” is not only bigger, but also has many new “members”. These flowers, which first appeared, made the “garden” more beautiful and more appealing.



The Aster novi- belgii: a kind of flower in various shapes

荷蘭菊 一花開出十多樣


In the Administrative Service Center Plaza of Jiangbei District, there is a particularly eye-catching flower ocean, attracting many citizens to take pictures.


This flower ocean is colorful, with nearly ten colors including red, yellow, purple, and pink; and there are also many forms of flowers. What's even more interesting is that these flowers of different shapes are actually one species: Aster novi-belgii (more commonly known as “New York asters”). It is introduced that this is the first time that the urban district has planted large quantities of Aster novi-belgiis, in over ten varieties.


Margaret: fresh “maiden”, with long flowering period

瑪格麗特 清新“少女”花期長


Photo from: Internet


Passing through the Beiqiaotou of Huanghuayuan Bridge and Jiahua Bridge, have you been attracted by a pink flower ocean?


The blooming pink and pink-white flowers have beautified the urban city, and these flowers have a very elegant name: "Margaret." Margaret's form is relatively simple, mainly in single or double flaps, and in red, pink or pink-white. In the sixteenth century, the Norwegian Princess Margaret named the flower by her own name, so Margaret is also called “Girl’s Flower”.


It is said that Margaret is suitable for long-term planting and the florescence will last to around October.


Viburnum marcocephalum: the hydrangeas on the tree are in full bloom



More than 160 trees are being hung with hydrangeas at this time in the green belt of Jianxin North Road. This is the first time that Viburnum marcocephalum (common name: Chinese snowball) is planted in Jiangbei District and its variant is the well-known Qionghua.


There are dozens of hydrangea flowers on each tree, and hundreds of green hydrangea, daisies and calendulas form a multi-colored flower band. In a few days, the hydrangea flowers on these trees will change from green to white.


Paeonia Suffruticosa (“Two Qiao”): one tree with flowers in two colors 

紅白二喬 纖桃一樹花兩色


There are several distinctive peach trees in the Administrative Service Center Plaza of Jiangbei District. These trees are not only with beautiful shapes and drooping withe, but also flowers in two colors.


Among them, a peach tree has pink and white peach blossoms and some petals are in pink and white. This kind of peach tree is called " Paeonia Suffruticosa ".


One peach tree with flowers of two colors cannot be achieved simply by grafting. Therefore, it is worth a visit.


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