Diverse delicious Chaoshou with reasonable price in the downtown

28th August 2018


It is said that Chongqing people start a day with bowl of Xiaomian (a kind of typical noodle in Chongqing). But for some people they are into Chaoshou (a kind of typical wonton in Chongqing). Chaoshou, known as the delicacy in daily life, has a variety of flavors for Chongqing people.

Today, I would like to recommend some popular Chaoshou restaurants in Chongqing. Let’s go and check these popular ones in Chongqing.

“Chuanqi Chaoshou”


It opens in an old building, which located in Yuzhong District (near the Huashiwanza noodles). For visitors, it’s really easy to get there due to its location though its environment is mediocre.

The red-oil Chaoshou can stimulate customers’ appetite for its fresh taste and big size. There is a layer of red oil on the surface ofl fresh vegetables, yet it is not too spicy.

The “Chuanqi Dumpling” is actually a kind of pork dumpling with Chinese chives, mixed with their special secret sauces, making the dish tastes extremely yummy.

Address: Minsheng Road, Yuzhong District

Bai Chaoshou


The restaurant is not big but is still much more spacious than the previous one, and it is crowded and popular among Chongqing people. The Chaoshou is freshly made and limited so you’d better get there early every day.

The stuffing of Chaoshou is fresh, and the ginger accounts for most of the ingredients that you can taste the strong flavor of ginger.

The size of Chaoshou is small and cute-looking and it looks like a Shanghai Wonton. What is worth mentioning is that you never want to stop once you eat their exclusive diced red pepper, which will surprise you with its spicy flavor and fragrant scent.

Address: Xiaolongkan Center Street, Shapingba District

Zhuai Chaoshou


Lies in the bustling alley of Nanping Golden store, it is secluded and needs to go further of the valley to get there. The restaurant is not big but the business is good.

The meat stuffing in the Chaoshou is so plump that several of them can fill your stomach. For girls, ordering a bowl of small size is enough. And it is more delicious dipped with sauce, in which the pepper is not spicy but smells good.

Address: Tianlong Square Nanping Nan’an district

Tunkou Chaoshou


The restaurant is comfortable and chic with a kind of Japanese Izakaya style, and it is equipped with several spots. Being clean and tidy, the store also provides the Gourmet magazines for visitors.

A bowl of its original pork-chop is only enough for one girl but its Chaishou tastes rather delicious in small size and thin wrapper, and the soup is also worth trying.

Address: Foodstreet, Guanyinqiao

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