Does fairyland exist? | Interview with the Consul General of Denmark

30th September 2018


Yes! It does!


Plenty of colorful houses



Magnificent castles



Denmark – one of the most happiness countries in the world


We invited Mr. Rasmussen(the Consul General of Denmark in Chongqing) to [Face to Face], who is from the fairy kingdom. Have a look!

Lucky draw at the end of the article!

這期訪談,對外指南邀請到來自這個童話王國的樂慕勝先生(丹麥駐重慶總領事),來看一下! 文末有福利哦!



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Q1: How long have you been in Chongqing, and what impresses you most about the city?


I’ve been in Chongqing since May 2017. Before I came to Chongqing in 2017, I hadn’t been to Chongqing before, so the most amazing thing for me was the first time I drove down to Jiefangbei from the airport. It was so amazing to see all the building development and lights!


Q2: What other Chinese cities have you visited and, in your view, what about Chongqing makes it stand apart?


I’ve been to most of the major China cities. I’ve lived in Beijing, and also Shanghai. I’ve traveled to most of the major cities like Nanjing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Nanning, Guilin, Xiamen, etc. Honestly my favorite city is Shanghai, the first city I went to when I arrived in China. I went to Shanghai 10 years ago. Since coming to Chongqing I’ve really grown to like the city a lot because of its resemblance to Hong Kong around 20 years ago. Chongqing has really developed a lot.


Q3: What is your favorite Chinese traditional holiday?


That definitely has to be Spring Festival, as it’s a very special holiday. I like to look at the scenery, and to observe the traditional customs, especially the big Chinese families getting together, reuniting with each other, because it reminds me of Christmas in Denmark, where I come from. You know Christmas in Denmark we also get together around traditional meals. It very much resembles the Chinese Spring Festival and, moreover, just as here in China where you have all the lights on the city streets, it's exactly the same point. In Denmark we have all the Christmas lights, it starts early, in October, until the end of December, and I get this very warm feeling to see that you have a similar tradition in China, even though it's called something different.


Q4: The Danish Consulate has played an important role in Southwest China. What are you focused on recently?

丹麥領事館在西南地區發揮著重要作用,你們最近在忙什麼呢? We’re working on many different things. There are two main purposes for us to be here in Chongqing, one is to promote Danish companies in the southwestern part of China, and the other is to cooperate with the local Chinese government in the provinces that we cover. I spend a lot of time going around to visit local Chinese governments, but also working with Danish companies to promote their interests in the region.


TQ5: Consuls are often traveling for work. How do you balance work and life in a new city?


對於工作地點的頻繁變換,到一個新城市後,你是怎麼處理工作與生活的關係的? It’s a lot of traveling and I do an endless job but, of course, you still need to have a private life. I enjoy getting back to my family every day and I try to balance and do some activities with them in the evening and during the weekends and, when I have some holiday time, we can go back home or take a vacation.

對於工作地點的頻繁變換,到一個新城市後,你是怎麼處理工作與生活的關係的? 日常的奔波和無休止的工作需要適時的私人空間,所以我很樂於回歸家庭,每天下班後或者週末,我都會和家人待在一起。假期的時候,我們就會回丹麥或者是外出旅遊。

TQ6: What travel destinations do you recommend for visitors to Denmark?


對於工作地點的頻繁變換,到一個新城市後,你是怎麼處理工作與生活的關係的? The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is a must visit. It’s a small little statue sitting in the basin of the entrance to the harbor of Copenhagen, The Little Mermaid, which is a character from the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale. Apart from that, I would say the castles in Copenhagen, and in a lot of places in Denmark, are interesting to see. These are the historical buildings dating back to maybe one thousand years ago. I would also say Andersen’s birthplace in Odense, which is in the central part of Denmark, is also very popular with Chinese tourists. You should definitely go to the outskirts of Denmark, not only to the cities, and see the landscape, the white beaches, and the west coast which has many small beautiful cities, parks, and lakes. We only have 5 million people here so, wherever you go, you can have some free space. It’s very quiet, you can have some private time and just be by yourself.

對於工作地點的頻繁變換,到一個新城市後,你是怎麼處理工作與生活的關係的? 哥本哈根的小美人魚銅像。這一個小小的雕像的原型源自于安徒生的童話,屹立哥本哈根朗厄裡尼港入口處。哥本哈根的城堡也值得一遊,丹麥還有許多上千年的古建築都值得一遊。還推薦位於丹麥的中部的安徒生的故鄉歐登塞,很多中國遊客都喜歡去那。除了市區,還建議你去市郊看看,去看看田野、沙灘,還有西海岸的一些城市,公園和湖泊。這裡只有五百萬人口,無論你走到哪裡都可以享受自己的空間,感覺很安靜,悠然自得。

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