Enjoy a Leisure Weekend in Blueberry Garden

24th July 2018


Grab a handful of natural blueberries and appreciate breathtaking stone forest after sunrise Then when sun goes down, open your tent or live inside the forest If the sun isn’t burning, go and see a field of sunflowers smile at you ...


This primitive lifestyle sounds far away from city, however it’s actually close to it. A farm stead up in the mountain can fulfill your vintage dream, just in Golden Knife Gorge, Beibei District.

Picking upmountain blueberries rich in selenium


It takes about one and a half hours to drive over the mountains from the city to reach the alpine blueberry garden “Bangsheng Farm”, set beside beautiful scenery.

Walking into the blueberry “paradise”, you will every tree is covered with blueberries, which differ from each other in color.


One thing we must keep in mind is that even in the same tree, blueberries may ripe at different time. But choosing a large and blue-violetone is always smart.


Once you have purchased the Blueberry garden ticket, you can eat without limitation.

Of course, there are special staff in the garden to pick blueberries. ready-made blueberries are also available.

Camping andpitching a tent

Or spend your night in the cabin


When the wonderful pick experience has come to end, everyone feels tired. Luckily campare a locates close to the blueberry garden. Set up a tent, put a

table cloth outside the tent and covered it with freshly picked blueberries.

They provide complete camping base and facilities, so just take your luggage and you can have a barbecue at night and gaze the stars.

Otherwise, there are a few charming cabins in the woods. Reminder: you need to book in advance during the peak season.


Invite few friends, you can pick blueberries during the day, then stay in the cabin at night. Chatting and having fun together is indeed the best choice for weekend’s relaxation.

白天採摘高山富硒藍莓,賞石林美景 晚上可以搭帳篷、露營,住森林木屋 還有百畝的向日葵花海開放

“又近又好耍”的藍莓園 就在離主城最近的避暑聖地,北碚金刀嶺







露營搭帳篷 夜宿木屋

摘完藍莓大家都累 ,旁邊便是供大家露營休息的地方。搭建一個帳篷,在帳篷外放上餐布,上面鋪滿剛摘下的藍莓,這個畫面想想就美滋滋呀~




Pictures from: Q探城

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