Enjoy A Wonderful Spring Tour
In Dianjiang

23th April 2018


“See You See Me – Foreigners Cheer for the Hometown of Peonies” Foreign Cultural Exchange Activity is coming to an end. The short videos of the 30 foreign friends taken at the scenic spot are being voted on eagerly. Although the blooming period of the Dianjiang Peony is ending, the roses, rhododendrons, shibazakuras, and Peonies in the Peony Cherry World are blooming. From now until May 1st, visitors can continue to visit the scenic spot to enjoy the flowers and experience the production of Dianjiang stone bean curd, enjoy a wonderful travel in Chongqing


Foreign friends really are enjoying a great time in Peony Cherry World.

Visitors can enjoy the scenery, push a millstone, or make stone ground bean curd to experience the farming culture and return to nature. These simple desires can be realized in Dianjiang Peony Cherry World.


On March 31, 2018, 30 foreign friends from all over the world really had a great time at the Colorful Garden, Peony Cherry World, Taiping Peony Garden and other scenic spots. They took many photos at Taiping Peony Garden and experienced making bean curd at the Peony Cherry World. They enjoyed the process so much and made some wonderful short videos.

The event organizing committee selected 20 works from the short videos taken by 30 foreign friends for us to vote. It you like the work, you just need to move your finger to give your likes.


However, netizens still have to take a closer look at the content of the short video and cannot vote easily, because the short video works produced by foreign friends have cash prizes, and the voting results can determine how much they will receive.

In addition, Peony Cherry World also provided 100 free tickets as a reward. The organizing committee of the event will randomly draw the number from the netizens' voting and choose the ones who can get the free tickets.


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