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08th March 2018


Recently, the first Chongqing poverty alleviation through RV tourism boutique line - Chongqing to Chetian Village of Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County has started off and received constant warm response and praise.


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In the precious three days and two nights, they drove RV to the place hidden in poetic scenery yet far away from city. Paving in countryside road with carefree heart, the whole family are immersing into a quiet holiday with gorgeous mountains and rivers. However the activity means more than a relaxed trip by helping folks out of poverty. Come and join us!


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Activity Highlights


Highlights One: This activity aims to mobilize social elite and entrepreneurs extensively to involve in helping the underdeveloped area.

亮點一: 本活動旨在發動社會精英人群、企業家廣泛參與扶貧工作。

Highlights Two: Poverty alleviation doesn’t apply for "paying money", it’s a two-way flow of resources.

亮點二: 扶貧不是“付錢”,是資源的雙向流動。

Highlights Three: An advanced way of suburban weekend tour. Back to nature and revisit childhood rural life.

亮點三: 近郊週末遊的高階新玩法。返璞歸真,重溫童年的鄉村生活。

Highlights Four: Not only travelling and having fun, but also experiencing a new way of qualified life.

亮點四: 既是旅遊休閒,更是品質生活新方式。

Highlights Five: It’s an excellent opportunity for practicing parent and child education, as well as broadening the children's horizons.

Highlights Six: Become a member of CC RV "Xia Ke Xing".

亮點六: 成為CC房車“霞客行”成員。

Introduction to the scenic area Located in Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Tao Hua Yuan Town, Youyang Tao Hua Yuan(Peach Blossom Garden) Scenic Spot is close to Tao Hua Yuan Exit of Chongqing-Hunan Expressway. It’s honored as a 5A state-level tourist attraction with a total area of 2734 hectares, consisting of six major parts, such as Tao Hua Yuan National Forest Park, Tao Hua Yuan Plaza, Youyang Ancient Town...

景區介紹 酉陽桃花源景區位於重慶市酉陽土家族苗族自治縣桃花源鎮,緊鄰渝湘高速公路桃花源下道口。桃花源是國家5A級旅遊景區,總面積2734公頃,由桃花源國家森林公園、桃花源廣場、酉州古城等六大部分組成的。

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In addition, the forest coverage rate of Tao Hua Yuan is 80.4%, which xplains why it’s called Chongqing "Characteristic Forest Park" and honored as the outdoor sports training base of Chinese Mountaineering Association.


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