Escape to Bamboo Forest for a cool retreat

05th July 2018


YongJia Bamboo Forest, Tongliang

Located in the Georges County of Tongliang, the site is attractive because of the various of the bamboos, and it’s the best place for resting and visiting.


Route: Shuiyu Expressway- off Tongliang Toll station- Jinglong Avenue to National Lane (about 10 mins)- Shiyu-Yongtong road-Gong he-Yong Jia (about 10 mins)

YongJia Bamboo Forest, Tongliang

Located in southern part of Mount Fangdou scenic spot, its known as Tibet of Zhongxian, with the 1200M altitude and unique location,its the best place to feel the fresh air and enjoy yourself, even you can try to ride horses along the grassland and taste local foods there.


Route: Along the Huyu Expressway from Main city- Exit of Mozi- Jindoupu- Gate of ECO Badou tai -Badou Tai Scenic Spot

Charming sea of Tea and bamboo, Yong Chuan Distirct

The bamboo forest may be the stars of the area for international tourism crowds, but the whole district is worth exploring. Its the place for directing House of Flying Daggers by Zhangyi Mou, and also known as one of the hidden mountains in China.


With its vegetations -covered mountains , historic temples and charming streets, it has been designated a National Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty by China It's the best place for get away with the summer day.

Route: Main city- Chengjiaping- Chengyu Express- Off Youngchuan- along with the Signs up the mountain

Baiyun Bamboo forest, beibe Distict

Located with 600M - 700M altitude of Mount Jinyun, and its the dense area for growing bamboos, here is also the spectacularly beautiful forest to visit, the kaleidoscopic mountains, temples and abundant vegetations will give you unforgettable experience to looking for.


Route: Maincity -Yuhe Expressway- off Toll station of Jinyun - baiyun Bamboo forest (15 mins)

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