Fascinating Activities
in Yubei District

14th March 2018


I had waited all the winter for a sign Something wondrous, a miracle divine; Today it comes, a very lovely thing, A crocus in the close a-blossoming Blue wings a-gleam, a song bird’s sweetest strain, In gladness for the miracle of spring again. --The Miracle, by Annie Stone


Appreciating flowers, hiking, camping, going for adventure... spring is a magic season suitable for any outdoor activities you can name out. Last week, the Yubei District Tourism Administration held “Spring Tour in Yubei”boutique line presentation fair, releasing 9 well-selected lines as well as 3 sightseeing bus to benefit visitors’ arrival.



This time a total of 9 spring tour boutique lines are launched, divided into 3 categories.


The first category is the most sought-after flower appreciation route, with cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, pear blossoms, and peach blossoms as the main attractions, including the Ten Thousand Mu Wild Cherry Blossom in the Tianxian Valley Scenic Spot in Dasheng Town and the Ten Thousand Mu Plum Blossom in the Yinhe Scenic Spot Town Scenic Spot in Tongjing Town and Ten Thousand Pear Blossom in Fangniuping in Cizhu Town.



The second category is hiking and flower appreciation line, which focuses on viewing flowers, touring gardens, and recreation, including the upgraded Xinglong Flower Sea and the newly-built open Grain Land Holiday Farms.



The third category is sightseeing experience tour, with Liangjiang International Movie City and Jihua Park as the main line. Among them, the “Hiking Season” launched by Liangjiang Movie City will bring out theme activities such as “handicraft kites”, “tent camping” and “river lamps blessing ”. Chongqing Jihua Park will fully open international indoor skydiving, indoor surfing, indoor rock climbing, fun rock climbing, trampoline, cave exploration, blue Star guarding and more than 60 kinds of sports for visitors to experience.




3 sightseeing bus released


To better provide local citizens and tourists with convenient transportation services, Yubei District Tourism Administration invested in an airport tourism distribution center at the Shuangfengqiao transportation hub and invested more than 2 million yuan in the construction of the airport tourism distribution center and the upgraded sightseeing bus.


According to the person in charge of Yubei District Tourism Administration, the three through bus lines opened this time are:

1.Tongjing Hot Spring Line: Shuangfengqiao Airport Distribution Center - Tongjing Hot Spring;


2.Liangjiang Movie City Line: Shuangfeng Bridge Airport Distribution Center - Longxing Ancient Town - Liangjiang Movie City Line - Jihua Park;


3.Xinglong Flower Sea Line: Shuangfengqiao Airport Distribution Center - Muer Colorful Manor - Xinglong Flower Sea - Grain Land.


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