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12 Old Buildings Repaired

03th March 2018


In Yuzhong District, you can always find some impressive and mysterious old buildings, such as Baxian Yamen (government office in feudal China), Donghua Daoist Temple Depository of Sutras, and former embassies, residence of Chongqing’s richest man in modern times, “Tang Bancheng,” and other residences of famous historical figures like Guo Moruo.


To maintain the memory of the mother city, the Yuzhong District started to repair the home of Guo Moruo, the Donghua Daoist Temple Depository of Sutras and other cultural sites last year. This time, let's discover the little-known histories behind these repaired sites.


The oldest: Donghua Daoist Temple Depository of Sutras

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Age: About 700 year
Add.: Kaixuan Road
Record: The oldest wooden architecture in urban Chongqing.

The Depository of Sutras is part of the Donghua Daoist Temple built in the Kublai Zhiyuan Period of the Yuan Dynasty and is about 700 years old. After textual research,it is the oldest wooden building in urban Chongqing. This is the second repair after one about 300 years ago in the Kangxi Period of the Qing Dynasty.


The most luxurious: Yiyuan Garden

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Age: About 81 years
Add.: Sixin Road, Shangqingsi
Record: The only old building with heating equipment in Chongqing

Yiyuan Garden is a two-storey western style building. It was the home of Tse-ven Soong, the Foreign Minister and President of Executive Yuan of the Nationalist Government. At the end of 1945, the five-star general Marshall stayed there as the special envoy of US President Truman during Anti-Japanese War. In January 1946, Zhou Enlai and Zhang Qun signed the first Military Conflict Cessation Agreement between Kuomintang and the Communist Party.


Yiyuan Garden covers a floor area of 852 square meters and has heating equipment in over 20 rooms. In 2012, archaeologists found a large boiler in the basement of the villa. This is the only old building in Chongqing adopting this design in that period.


The richest: Xie’s Family Compound

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Age: About 300 years (Built in the Qing Dynasty)
Add.: Taihualou 2nd Lane, Daomenkou
Record: The private residence of the richest man of Chongqing in modern times, Tang Zijing.

Built in the Qing Dynasty, ownership of the compound had been transferred among many people. The owner of a famous cloth store Xie Yicheng, purchased it at the beginning of the 1900s. Since then, it has been called “Xie’s Family Compound.”


Tang Zijing was the fellow-villager of Xie Yicheng and Xie took Tang as his apprentice when Tang was 14. Tang married Xie’s daughter at 30. Tang was skilled at operation and became a leading businessman in Chongqing during the period of the Republic of China and was called “Millionaire Tang.” Since his house properties were spread all over Chongqing, he was also called “Tang Bancheng (half of the city)”.


The Compound is a typical east Sichuan style building with two levels, small but exquisite. It has front and rear halls for discussing official business and rest respectively and bedrooms at two sides. There are wooden stairs at the forth corner of the building.


The most cultured: Former Residence of Guo Moruo

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Photo from Slow News
Age: About 90 years (built in 1930s)
Add.: No. 8, Taiguanfu
Record: Maodun and Laoshe were frequenters there

The building has two storeys and one basement in the stone and wood structure. It was the private residence of the brother-in-law of Chongqing’s first mayor, Pan Wenhua, during the period of the Republic of China. At the end of 1938, the Third Division of Political Department of Military Affairs Commission of Republic of China was established there. Guided by Guo Moruo, it was the foothold of cultural circles during the Anti-Japanese War.


The most international: Former site of the U.S. Embassy

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Age: About 76 years
Add.: No. 1, Jiankang Road, Lianglukou (两路口健康路1号)
Record: One of the diplomatic sites for allied nations during the Second World War.

It is a baroque stone and timber structure building and was repaired last year.

In November 1937, the Government of Republic of China was moved to Chongqing. In August of the next year, the US ambassador to China Nelson Johnson moved to Chongqing with his staff. At the end of October 1944, Patrick Hurley became the new ambassador and then set the Embassy back to Nanjing in 1946. The building was included as one part of the Zhongzheng Hospital, serving as the administration building and dining hall of the hospital.


As one of the diplomatic organ sites of allied nations during Anti-Japanese War, it witnessed the history and was the physical proof of the increase of Chongqing’s international political standing and diplomacy status as a provisional capital during the period.


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