Fly with Finnair | From the Busy City to a Quiet Nordic Town

26th January 2019


Explore the fabulous fjord views Chase your dreams in a fairy kingdom Step into a small, quiet Nordic town And the colorful Northern Lights will never let you down

探索絕美的峽灣美景 尋夢童話開始的地方 漫步靜謐的北歐小鎮 追逐五彩絢爛的極光


In other words, every corner of the land in Northern Europe will make you WOW. Here you can slow down and live in the moment.

話說,北歐的每一寸土地都藏著驚喜。 在這裡,你可以慢下來,真正生活在此時此刻。


Want to experience the "icy but elegant" Nordic life? Finnair can take you there.


We invited Robert Öhrnberg, the General Manager Greater China at Finnair to [Face to Face]. Please have a look!




Robert Öhrnberg

General Manager Greater China at Finnair

The General Manager Greater China at Finnair, has extensive experience in sales and marketing. He has worked with Finnair for more than ten years and, for the past ten years, he has devoted himself to Finnair in Sweden, West China, North China, and Denmark, and achieved many excellent results. In March 2016, he became the General Manager Greater China at Finnair. Over the past few years, he has worked to do the data marketing of Airline to promote Finnair as a leader in the industry.

芬蘭航空公司大中華區總經理,在銷售、市場行銷領域擁有豐富的經驗,他和芬蘭航空並肩走過十年有餘。在過去的十年裡,他 先後投身于芬蘭航空瑞典、華西、華北及丹麥代表處,對芬蘭航空有深入瞭解。2016年3月正式出任芬蘭航空大中華區總經理。在過去的幾年中,他更致力航司資料化行銷以促使芬蘭航空成為行業中的翹楚。

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Q1. You visited and lived in Chongqing for nearly a year back in 2012. In your opinion, what is the biggest difference in Chongqing today compared with Chongqing from 7 years ago? And how do you see Chongqing changing in another 7 years to come?


"A lot of things happened in 7 years. I think it's a very different city from when I was living here. I would say the biggest difference is maybe the international session. Many more foreigners are walking around on the streets nowadays than 7 years ago. In addition, I think Chongqing is much more well-known outside of China now than it was 7 years ago. And I think it will continue the same development. It will be even more internationalized and continue to have a very strong growth and economic power, and more and more tourists will come to visit Chongqing as well."




CQ  Before & After

Q2. Chongqing is famous for its food. What is your favorite local cuisine?


"Chongqing hotpot. It's super delicious but, unfortunately, my stomach prevents me from eating it everyday hahha"



Chongqing Hotpot

Q3. What are your favorite sites and/or attractions in Chongqing?


"Chongqing is such a fantastic place with the rivers and the mountains, and very unique atmosphere, so I love just walking around the city, to just get the feeling of the place and, if you want to get away a little bit, I think the hot springs in Beibei is very nice and, of course, take a day trip to the Dazu Rock Carvings, which is very amazing. And also I think the cable car in Chongqing is so unique."



Dazu Rock Carvings

Q4. You are quite well known as the "Pioneer and Innovator" in town for establishing Finnair's business in Chongqing and Western China, with excellent results. In your opinion, how important is the character of "innovativeness" for a company like Finnair?


"It's very important. Finnair is a little bit of a pioneer. We are doing things first, we were the first one to start the direct flight from Chongqing to Europe and we like to do many things first. We like to try new things in a way all the time. It's important for us to be close to our customers and to develop the features that our customers want, so this also takes us into the area of technological development, which is also an important area to be up-to-date and know what the customer wants, and then we just need to implement those things." 

這一點非常重要。芬蘭航空可以說是這個行業的翹楚。我們樂於做行業領軍者,比如我們是首家開通重慶至歐洲直航航線的航空公司。我們更樂於創新。 對我們來說,瞭解客戶的需求也非常重要,因此我們將持續技術開發,贏取更多消費者的青睞。


"Just an example, we were the first airline in the world to implement Alipay as a payment solution on board our flights, and we were the first European airline actually to start selling flight tickets through our WeChat/WeAir account."



Q5. As you may know, we travelers in Chongqing are very price-sensitive; sometimes we do prefer the lowest price out of different carriers. So what are the key factors to give Finnair an edge to stand out from the competition?


"Finnair covers more than 100 destinations in Europe via Helsinki, so that means almost wherever you would like to travel in Europe, Finnair can take you there. In addition, we do it in the most efficient and fastest way to get there: the shortest routes go over Siberia and over Helsinki into Europe."



"And we would like to offer all customers a unique Nordic experience on board, so they can get little bit of taste of what the Nordic culture is all about, for example, the tableware that we have - the signs are all made with Nordic details." 



"We have the Chinese Chef Steven Liu, who creates the onboard menus and, in addition, we also try to add a bit of localization, so we have the Chinese cabin crew on board. We have all our signs in Chinese and Chinese speaking guides there in Helsinki Airport." 



"All the way from when you buy your ticket: you can buy your ticket on our Finnair official WeChat account and pay with WeChat Pay. If you have any questions about the ticket, you can just go to our WeChat account again and have a little bit of chat with our customer care center in China. And of course, most importantly, we have Wi-Fi on board."



Since wifi is available, it is easier to post your photos on the Instagram from the height of 10,000 meters, isn't that cool? 芬航上的wifi可以輕鬆、及時地的上傳美照,來自萬米高空的朋友圈,是不是特別酷炫呢?😉

Q6. What are the most popular destinations in Europe for Finnair's Chongqing Route for travelers from Western China?


"Aside from the very big destinations like London, and Paris, I would say the Nordic destinations are getting more and more popular lately, so like Finland, Norway, and Iceland, that has really been growing last 2 years quite a lot."



Norway 挪威

Q7.  Are there any new destinations to be added into Finnair's network in 2019?


"Yes, we do. So we have a few new European destinations that we will start flying to, such as Porto, Portugal, and also Bordeaux, France, where you can find all the nice wines, also Bologna, Italy, and Hanover, Germany. In addition, we also start our flight from Helsinki to Los Angeles this year as well."



Bordeaux, France 法國波爾多


Q8. Any recommendations from you for the must-go/can't-miss destinations in Finnair's network?


"Reykjavik in Iceland is currently very popular, and I would also say that Norway, with all the beautiful fjords and some destination like Tromso, is very interesting as an arctic destination, and also the northern Finland, Lapland area. That's also very amazing that you can have a very unique experience there."



Reykjavik 雷克雅維克

Q9. In the past 7 years, we have enjoyed the enhancing Christmas festive atmosphere since the authentic "Santa Claus is coming to town" by flying Finnair. So I wonder, what will the options of activities be if we go to Finland to spend our Christmas holiday there?


"I would definitely recommend going to Rovaniemi, to visit Santa Claus village, where Santa Claus lives, and where they also accept Alipay. You can actually take a photo of the Arctic Circle, and there are many activities you can do, like husky rides. You can also see the Northern lights if you got lucky."



Q10. What is your most memorable flight experience?


"I was on one of the Finnair flights and I happened to look out of the window and I saw the Northern Lights dancing in the horizon, which was totally amazing." 有一次,在芬航的飛機上,當我無意間望向窗外時,竟然看到了極光在夜空中搖曳,非常壯觀。


Q11. Do you have any tips to share with us on how to enjoy long haul travel?


"First you need to choose Finnair, as our airline has a more enjoyable flight, and we have a very nice entertainment system on board, the Nordic Sky entertainment system, with both movies and games, and you can read a lot of e-magazines, or connect to your own device, everything is connected via Wi-Fi, so you can spend a lot of time." 

首先,你得選擇芬航因為芬航會給你帶來絕佳的飛行體驗。我們的飛機上裝有全新Nordic Sky機上娛樂系統,

為你提供眾多經典電影和遊戲、電子書等豐富的選擇。你也可以用自己的移動設備連上機上Wi-Fi的方式進入Nordic Sky 娛樂系統。


"If you would like to have a little bit more comfort, I would recommend our economy comfort solution that we have. It is not expensive at all. You can buy any economy class ticket, and you just add a small amount, then you will get extra leg space and you will get many benefits similar to the business class. You will also have noise-cancelling headsets, priority boarding and a lot of value for your money and a little bit extra comfort. It's worth it."



Q12. Any travel plans for you in 2019?


"I have many plans but the one I'm most looking forward to right now is the Chinese New Year, I will go to spend the festival on the beach in Vietnam. I love beach holidays." 計畫有很多,但我現在最期待的就是春節的越南之行。因為我喜歡去海邊度假。


The holiday is coming soon. Book a ticket to those countries of highest latitudes, and "slow down" your life in a fast way.


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